CARL - Stands for, Cocks Are Really Long. Used mostly by Females to the extent of the size of their partners. A very rarely used term. Also used is C.A.R.B, Meaning Cocks Really Big.

A "Black Carl", or a "White Carl", used for reference with the Black men's penis myth.
My God, the White and Black C.A.R.L. are so different!
by Bffgoodrich June 05, 2007
What you call a girl that can hang like one of the guys. If her best friends an asshole he dubs her Carl and soon everyone she knows will onnnly call her by that name. She is pressured to act okay with this because her relaxed disposition is the reason she was dubbed Carl.
Hey this is my friend Katie but really her name is Carl.
by amanimul August 25, 2013
a crazed, violent llama who has a long history of violence and is a phycopathic character on youtube.
carlllllllllllll you just toppled the south american government
by llamathefish December 23, 2010
A useless person that's knows nothing about everything! Thinks he's always right!
Oh that Carl is chatting crap again.
by Jinmyd February 24, 2015
An individual who has evolved into somewhat of an urban legend at the music festival Electric Forest in Rothbury, MI. All you hear all weekend is "Where's carl???" Originally based either on the artist who shows up at every show or on a kid who went missing the first day of the fest and didn't get reunited with his crew till the last day.
Day one, Person one: "WHERE'S CARL??!"
Day 2, Everyone: " WHERE IS CARL?????!!"
Last day: "WHERE IS--"
by Bobbfet September 24, 2013
A phrase very popular in today's counter-culture scene. Most commonly heard at music festivals, Carl! is shouted at no one in particular and for no apparent reason.
by Deadrat5 November 12, 2010
Fucking crazzy ass kid who dominate in the game of curve ball tying the score of David Ashenfelter. That fucker! fucked up the last kid who tried to beat his score.
Ho shit look at Carls play. That kid is fucking awsome.
by brett January 18, 2005
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