Generally holds all emotions internally. He tends to be selfish until he finds that right woman to live his life with then he gives his all to his wife and child(ren).

Very much in love with himself. Takes pride in his appearance and the appearance of who ever he is with at the time. Can be shallow when it comes to his women.

Very sex obsessed. Some call him a nymphomaniac. Great in the sac and knows it.
That Carl won't let anyone know what he's really feeling
by peacockgirl December 15, 2011
A phrase very popular in today's counter-culture scene. Most commonly heard at music festivals, Carl! is shouted at no one in particular and for no apparent reason.
by Deadrat5 November 12, 2010
a crazed, violent llama who has a long history of violence and is a phycopathic character on youtube.
carlllllllllllll you just toppled the south american government
by llamathefish December 23, 2010
Fucking crazzy ass kid who dominate in the game of curve ball tying the score of David Ashenfelter. That fucker! fucked up the last kid who tried to beat his score.
Ho shit look at Carls play. That kid is fucking awsome.
by brett January 18, 2005
v. A unique individual who is able to screw up anything. Do not work with him.

n. When you screw up so bad, there's not another word to describe it.
Carl: Can I work with you guys?
Other People: No, we'd prefer to pass.

*Someone drops a brick on their project*
Person: You just pulled a Carl... And where the f*** did you get a brick?
by Ethan0716 November 10, 2010
A stone cold motha fuckin pimp that only got 2 things on his mind get money and fuck bitches the rest is all irealivant
Damn dont fuck with nigga carl
by Chilla99292 August 23, 2008
A guy who is really hot and seems really nice and cool, but really he is an annoying douche that no one wants to be bothered with.
Ugh I thought he was so cute, but he's actually just a Carl!
by acmagr November 08, 2010

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