Intelligent. Kinglike. A true gentleman. Loves the ladies. Usually handsome. Rock & roll is in his blood. Can be counted on in a crisis. Competitive, adventurous, and determined. Philosophical. Innovative. Opinionated. Loves excitement and travel.
There are many famous Carl's but they don't get the attention they deserve.
by knowsem February 08, 2010
Carl Brutananadilewski lives next door to the Aqua Teens. He is a great fan of classic rock. He loves the New York Giants. He truly enjoys watching and downloading porn. He loves to order hot wings, jalapeños, and beer till he farts blood. His neatly cut lawn, pool, car, and probably his entire house is always being invaded or trashed by Meatwad or Shake or even Frylock. His situation could be compared to Squidward from Spongebob for Carl does not like his neighbors and is annoyed by them but he simply cannot see himself living elsewhere. Poor Carl is constantly being hurt or even killed by unfortunate circumstances such as being shot in the chest with a flaming arrow by Ted Nugent. In the end though Carl is just Carl.

He may very well be the greatest character ever to be created.

boom damn ba doo doo! boom damn ba doo! boom boom DAM!


Old Broad: Oh baby, that's rockin!

Carl: Yeah...yeah...I wrote that. it's called i wanna rock your body (till the break of dawn)

Old Broad: That's beautiful. It's like poetry.
by sirloin July 02, 2007
What you call a girl that can hang like one of the guys. If her best friends an asshole he dubs her Carl and soon everyone she knows will onnnly call her by that name. She is pressured to act okay with this because her relaxed disposition is the reason she was dubbed Carl.
Hey this is my friend Katie but really her name is Carl.
by amanimul August 25, 2013
THAT. fucking guy. Always wants sex but rarely gets any, and is attracted to virtually any individual with a vagina. enjoys weird sexual fantasies, involving unsanitary acts on the female vagina. A good guy to have around when you've been single for too long and are desperate as all fuck.
He is such a Carl...
by Carl<3 June 12, 2011
CARL - Stands for, Cocks Are Really Long. Used mostly by Females to the extent of the size of their partners. A very rarely used term. Also used is C.A.R.B, Meaning Cocks Really Big.

A "Black Carl", or a "White Carl", used for reference with the Black men's penis myth.
My God, the White and Black C.A.R.L. are so different!
by Bffgoodrich June 05, 2007
An individual who has evolved into somewhat of an urban legend at the music festival Electric Forest in Rothbury, MI. All you hear all weekend is "Where's carl???" Originally based either on the artist who shows up at every show or on a kid who went missing the first day of the fest and didn't get reunited with his crew till the last day.
Day one, Person one: "WHERE'S CARL??!"
Day 2, Everyone: " WHERE IS CARL?????!!"
Last day: "WHERE IS--"
by Bobbfet September 24, 2013
Generally holds all emotions internally. He tends to be selfish until he finds that right woman to live his life with then he gives his all to his wife and child(ren).

Very much in love with himself. Takes pride in his appearance and the appearance of who ever he is with at the time. Can be shallow when it comes to his women.

Very sex obsessed. Some call him a nymphomaniac. Great in the sac and knows it.
That Carl won't let anyone know what he's really feeling
by peacockgirl December 15, 2011

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