julianne nemec. a dumb person who always says the most completely obvious things that a third grader would slap their forehead at.
(name withheld to protect identity):"hey, did you hear about the jesse jackson tumblers?"

julianne: "what? like, the black people?!"

(NWTPI):"yes julianne, like the black people. thank you captain obvious."
by qrimminton qrimmeilidon May 13, 2009
A very lazy super hero that never is out there saving people.
Jake:I fail at life.
Ian: ZOMG, what are you doing HERE Captain Obvious, THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!!!!!!
by D. Emson April 14, 2008
One who dons this name is one who confronts falsity with the glaringly patent nature of truth.
CaptObvious battles liberalism on the perspectives forums:

fecklessboy: Opinions are what generate life

CaptObvious: I’m certain science disagrees.
by CaptObvious fan May 27, 2005
(noun): One who states the obvious as if he/she did not know this before; One who is trying to keep a secret and gives too many hints as to what it is; (antonym: see obviousman
"Eew, that guy is picking his nose!"
"Well, thaaaaank you, captain obvious!" | "We are standing in 3 ft. of blood."
"Captain obvious strikes again"
A name given to anyone who states somthing painfully obvious.
"Gnools says ... war on Iraq has start THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS"

"Gnool says ... Vis is hardcore OMG CAPTAIN OBVIOUS strikes again"
by VisOne March 25, 2003
See Legolas for further definition.
"......a diversion!"
by Draith March 30, 2005
When you are in a Mosh and you can't find your friend
ME: He has black hair and is wearing black
MELLA: That's like everyone here,kimmy
ME: *Slaps Mella*
by kimmy booth June 01, 2005

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