Something that you refer to somebody as after they have stated an obvious fact; the captain of obvious. can be used in contexts as...
1. "Thank you captain obvious."
2. "Captain obvious strikes again!"
3. "thanks for the imput, captain obvious"
1-"Check out the sky"
2-"'s blue"
1-"Thank you captain obvious"
by that guy..................,... March 14, 2010
Best friends with sergeant sarcasm and colonel comeback.
captain obvious blah blah blah
by NinjaCookies33 June 05, 2013
Someone who states the obvious. If you are a sarcastic asshole, it is considered common courtesy to thank such an individual for their obvious statement.
Captain Obvious: whoa, dude... The world is round.

Sarcastic Asshole: Thank you, Captain Obvious.
by KewlDood123 April 27, 2010
that fucktard who's always lurking arround waiting for the chance to explain anything about a situation known to everyone.

common state ments made by captain obvious are things such as 'wow guys look its raining'. Yes captain obvious is that guy who leaves everyone thingking 'you dense mother fucker'
captain obvious: hey we have schoool on moday

person: thanks for that captain obvious

captain obvious: thats ok

person: you dense mother fucker
by cottnsoft April 10, 2013
1.Nowadays also known as Rebecca Black. A person too dumb to know that obvious facts don't need explainations. 2.May also be known as "Chorba" in some places.
Ex1: Rebecca Black: "It's friday, yesterday was thursday, tomorrow is saturday"..... etc

Some ten year old: "Thank you Captain Obvious..."

Ex2: Teacher: "Les feuilles absorbent la lumiere..."

by lars23x April 08, 2011
A person who states the evident to the exasperation of others.
You stub your toe on a coffee table and shriek in pain.

Captain Obvious says, "Dude, did that hurt?"

You Reply: "Duh! Captain Obvious!"
by C Bryson June 09, 2007
julianne nemec. a dumb person who always says the most completely obvious things that a third grader would slap their forehead at.
(name withheld to protect identity):"hey, did you hear about the jesse jackson tumblers?"

julianne: "what? like, the black people?!"

(NWTPI):"yes julianne, like the black people. thank you captain obvious."
by qrimminton qrimmeilidon May 13, 2009

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