snuggling, kissing, heavy petting, making out, scissoring
i dont even know if people can canoodling without scissoring
by technine December 27, 2007
1. any form of sexual activity ex: flirting, sex, making out, cuddling, hugging, kissing, and many more...
After we were done canoodling, we decided to get some coffee. see fuck as an alternative
by The Best Asian February 01, 2005
Making out with pasta in your mouth.
I was canoodling with this chick and I think I have to call in sick tomorrow.
by ticl February 17, 2008
when one male rolls the foreskin of his uncircumsized penis over another mans penis
i was canoodling with my friend adam the other was rad, but i think i got an infection
by d mac yall October 28, 2007
When two people are out in the middle of a body of water in a canoe engaging in love making, flirting, and or, any other sexual activity.
Ped and his brother in-law were out on lake Marimichi canoodling all night.
by Higgs1 June 18, 2004
The disgustingly sweet cuddling of two very close individuals who are most likely romantic partners. Generally used in a sarcastic way.
"If you two are done Canoodling, we could actually start this game."
"Yeah, Chris had to leave the room. Nothing makes you feel more like a third wheel than two people Canoodling."
by Catsreadbookstoo June 28, 2016
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