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To show affection twords the other person in a relationship while sitting or while in the same area as a bunch of single people. Generally the comment, "Get a Room!" Is said by someone in the party.
Single Guy 1: "Man me and my buddy went to the bar last night and this couple just started fucking Canoodling right next to us!"

Single Guy 2: "Did you tell em to get a room?"
Single Guy 1: "Nah but my buddy did."
by obsidianzacher November 17, 2013
5 4
intense cuddling ..especially with your handsome boyfriend
Julia loves canoodling with Mitch
by JMills19333 October 02, 2013
6 5
Noodling (trying to catch a catfish with your bare hands by wiggling your fingers or toes as bait) from a canoe in shallow water. Often results in a capsized canoe, in addition to the injuries common to noodling (snakebites and missing fingers).
Tom: Joe and Billybob went canoodling the other day.
Bud: That so?
Tom: Yeah they didn't say nothin'?
Bud: Sounds fun though. I been noodling but never in a canoe. Didn't hear a thing though.

Tom: Guess that figures - big son-of-a-bitch turned their whole boat over and Billybob lost his phone - but they got the sucker!
Bud: Oh man - I better head over and get me some of that catfish - have me a roast tonight.
Tom: Sounds like a plan - but better get over there 'fore they're done givin' it away - everybody else's heard already.
Bud: Sure thing - thanks Tom!
by mmmcookies April 28, 2012
16 15
An intense make out session characterized by extreme heavy petting, hair tousling and dry humping (grinding and scissoring are acceptable when canoodling occurs between two women). Participants are usually clothed. Action typically takes place on a couch in a high traffic common area, suitable for a quick cease of canoodling.
I hope Anna doesn't walk in on KC and I while we're canoodling on her couch this weekend.
by DickDownie and KC November 28, 2007
166 166
Playing monopoly, watching television, or anything of the doodling persuasion.
"Canoodling, you up to it after school man?" "No, I'm sorry, I don't have cable.'
by aeflkha'glkjas'fljd September 22, 2010
13 21
when you cuddle with someone, feel their "noodle" but it inly goes as far as cuddling.
we were only canoodling...i felt his noodle but it was only a cuddle.
by jack31322 July 09, 2010
5 14
When two lovers, usually fiends, are in the act of fondling each other, usually in public and very annoying to look at
O jeez, they are canoodling right in my field of vision! Get a room!
by Tubbis August 11, 2011
39 49