the act of engaging in snugglage with a rin rin and a von von for a predetermined amount of time, usually associated with intense hair sniffing. It also includes various degrees of lovy doviness and noodling. This may only take place if u are in the DNN.
von von and rin rin, the founders of the dnn crew, love canoodling while listening to country music.
by von von December 08, 2009
Engaging in foreplay
They were canoodling all night long.
by Andy Anstrom September 15, 2008
An Act where by a man forces ones self onto an unsuspecting pool noodle in a park.
Jimmy Fallon came quickly while canoodling his daughters pool toy.
by pity Da Foo September 07, 2011
The act of eating noodles in a canoe.
Amy and Amman stocked up on pasta so they can go canoodling on a boat.
by Ross, BMOC May 09, 2011
any sexual act with a partner that is more than kissing but less than sex while cuddling is still able to occur. Stopping and restarting when others enter and exit the room is also involved.
Ian and Karissa went back to canoodling on the bed, cuddling, making out and dry humping after Ian's friends had finally left the room.
by cenedra2918 April 10, 2011
fucking, making out, doing stuff, rumping dude
yo dude, maloof is straight up canoodling on that bitch dude.
by marbsie January 13, 2010
snuggling, kissing, heavy petting, making out, scissoring
i dont even know if people can canoodling without scissoring
by technine December 27, 2007

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