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sexiest chick alive. pimp shit. enough said
Dude, kourtni is way hotter than sabrina. sabrina stuffs. big asses..with corn
by chingalinglinglingling December 23, 2007
61 28
lA very nice, friendly girl. She has a sexy side, very sexy. A very flirty girl, loyal to her boyfriends, but when she dances she's all around the room grinding and taking the spotlight. She has many friends and an all around sweet girl. Who wouldn't wanna be a Kourtni?
Tom: Dude, she is so a Kourtni.

Dave: Definitely a First Class Kourtni
by highlife4 March 01, 2010
51 31
A very fat chick with cankles and a poncho
Wow. Look at that kourtni over there!
by dirtysanchezandtheblumkins August 27, 2009
19 53