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Caming is the act of being completely sober at a party, while making sure that female party goers are consuming alcohol and losing control of their inhibitions, and so are easy targets for his cheesy moves. A Camer will then later claim his exploits and apparent drunkenness.

Camed - the past tense use, eg, "She just got camed"

Caming - the present tense, eg, He's caming her"

Camer- the naming of a person who partakes in this act e.g, "That guy is a camer"
"That chick just got Camed"

"You just got Camed"

"He is definitely Caming on her"

"That guy is definitely a camer"
#cameron #cam #player #slick #douchebag
by Gagged Dodo March 05, 2012
n. Engrish - the act of playing a came
These speakers are great for caming.
by Ph03n1X May 15, 2004
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