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Past tense of cum because cummed doesn't sound right.
Dude, I just came all over my hand, better go wash it up.
by Brembro March 17, 2009
The Pizzeria of Porn. A shop, usually hidden in an old strip-mall that specializes in the making and selling of numerous porn films, videos, and books.
Dude, we gotta hit up that new Porneria and get Johnny a birthday present.
by Brembro March 17, 2009
A crude combination of blow job and loaner. One who loans his girlfriend to his best friend so she can give him a blow job too.
Billy, I really appreciate this, you're a great bloaner.
by Brembro March 17, 2009
Like saying tizight. Means something is very cool, awesome, or "tight". Tight meaning cool, not tight spandex pants.
Last night was so fizzight, we should do it again sometime.
by Brembro March 17, 2009
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