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Does not even deserve to be called a "game".
Call of Duty is a piece of overpriced, over rated shit that only stupid westernized idiots like.
by WorkingBrain February 06, 2013
15 2
A game that is highly addicting and ruins the lives of many teenage boys.
teen1: dude what ya doin?
teen2: playingCall of Duty Black ops.
teen1: didn't you play that yesterday?
teen2: no yesterday i played WaW you jerk i thought you would remember!

(never see eachother again)
by thejohnguy March 16, 2011
25 12
*dead* run *dead* repeat.*beep*eject disc(Call Of Duty)
by Stewie griffin November 22, 2012
12 3
An excellent WW2 FPS. The game runs on a modified Quake III engine, using the same control map as Medal of Honor: Allied Assult. What other posts don't tell people is that CoD was developed by the SAME people who made Medal of Honor Allied Assault. These devlopers left Electronic Arts (who publish MOH) and went to Activision to publish CoD. In other words CoD was good because they built on what they had learned from MoH Alled Assault. MoH is not garbage; it was the first step with allowed the CoD game to flourish. That's the whole story!
Call of Duty is the best; MoH was the first.
by rhcbulldog June 01, 2004
167 158
A phrase that declares a cheap action, such as yet not limited to: Going out with someone's ex, stealing the last soda, talking behind someone's back, throwing a grenade 5000 feet and killing someone, firing a grenade launcher point black resulting in a douche-bag-style victory, spawn-sniping, and kicking someone in the genitals.
Person A: John just took the last fucking Pepsi!
Person B:...Call of Duty.

Person A: Holy crap. That guy just killed me, he must be a hacker! I'm gonna noob tube that guy!
(5 seconds later)
Person B:...Call of Duty.
by Psychotick December 06, 2010
16 8
When a guy says he plays this game, it's a red-flag. Tells me he's a douche and doesn't have enough time to even call their girlfriend for 5 minutes even though he'll stay up til 4 am playing. If you're getting laid, you might wanna check up on your girl. COD > Sex with hot gf? I don't think so.
gf: "Hey! wanna call me and tell me goodnight really quick?"
bf: "Yeah one sec."
gf: "Alright awesome :)"
3 hours later....
gf: "Ummm... you never called me."
bf: "Oh, I was playing Call Of Duty, hence why I never called."
by skizzle69 January 08, 2011
22 16
A FPS game that has been putting the same shit on the market since 2007 and getting millions of sales from it. It is infected by assholes who camp, quickscope, 360, noscope, noobtube, spawncamp, and say faggot a lot. The players are in the age range from 3-11. The older men that play still have there virginity, and are usually douchebag hackers. Now something terrible has happened. The Call of Duty noobs have invaded BattleField 3 and 4 (Beta, but soon full). The Battlefield players are trying to push them back to there shitty Call of Duty. Call of Duty Ghosts, coming out this year is the same thing as all the others but sucks harder. Somehow, Call of Duty games always get good ratings. This is probably caused by the rating company rating only FPS games (Mostly COD) good because they don't want to get pissed off by the community. This usually happens from IGN.
COD Noob: Do you wanna play Call of Duty?
Battlefield player: No, that game is a shit stained on a hog's ass being licked by a horse who is being humped by a noob like you. Play a good first person shooter called Battlefield for once.
by noobkiller123463 October 14, 2013
6 1