A FPS game that has been putting the same shit on the market since 2007 and getting millions of sales from it. It is infected by assholes who camp, quickscope, 360, noscope, noobtube, spawncamp, and say faggot a lot. The players are in the age range from 3-11. The older men that play still have there virginity, and are usually douchebag hackers. Now something terrible has happened. The Call of Duty noobs have invaded BattleField 3 and 4 (Beta, but soon full). The Battlefield players are trying to push them back to there shitty Call of Duty. Call of Duty Ghosts, coming out this year is the same thing as all the others but sucks harder. Somehow, Call of Duty games always get good ratings. This is probably caused by the rating company rating only FPS games (Mostly COD) good because they don't want to get pissed off by the community. This usually happens from IGN.
COD Noob: Do you wanna play Call of Duty?
Battlefield player: No, that game is a shit stained on a hog's ass being licked by a horse who is being humped by a noob like you. Play a good first person shooter called Battlefield for once.
by noobkiller123463 October 14, 2013
A game series full of a modern campers and overpowered snipers
Player (walking in a open field, looking for enemies to pwn) Time to kill some bad guys!

*Sniped by a hidden camper from afar*


*Player quits playing Call of Duty online*
by poppajohn December 28, 2011
The ultimate attractor of underaged 11 year olds. An epic campaign journey through Amurica where you kill the bad guy, and the developers throw in random story parts to make it seem like you are not ONLY killing the bad guy, even though you still are. The final "boss" is always about to kill you every time, but some miraculous detail saves you, such as: Slippy concrete, your friends ability to headlock, the bad guy being distracted by your friend who was just head locking him, your friend being nice enough to kill himself to help you kill the bad guy, the combination of the latter and water, your friend AGAIN, or your ability to miraculously catch 44. Magnum bulletsbeing thrown at you, and a convenient to the story mechanical arm. After you finish the same ending for the 14th time, dive into competitive multiplayer, where the 11 year olds have made their evil nests. Create your own load out for the next mission with cool weapons, gadgets, and perks. Meet the youtubers who devote their lives to this game, and can casually get the game ending 25 kill chain that makes you want to destroy your console, like lots of people do. (Seriously, go look up "Kid smashes Xbox on call of duty"). Then play the survival mode of the game, with either ZOMBIES, ALIENS, OR MORE ZOMBIES. Have fun. LAG CHANGES EVERYTHING.
Yesterday on call of duty, a 2 year old cursed at me like 57 times!
by Tacoman417 December 09, 2014
While a man is doing a woman (any position) and she opens her mouth to moan from the hot sex your friend hiding in the other room enters and sneaks up and poops in her mouth, thus the "Call" of duty.
Oh, man, while boning Jessica last night, Steve came in and hella gave her a Call of Duty when she was calling out my name.
by thedaniel February 21, 2010
When a guy says he plays this game, it's a red-flag. Tells me he's a douche and doesn't have enough time to even call their girlfriend for 5 minutes even though he'll stay up til 4 am playing. If you're getting laid, you might wanna check up on your girl. COD > Sex with hot gf? I don't think so.
gf: "Hey! wanna call me and tell me goodnight really quick?"
bf: "Yeah one sec."
gf: "Alright awesome :)"
3 hours later....
gf: "Ummm... you never called me."
bf: "Oh, I was playing Call Of Duty, hence why I never called."
by skizzle69 January 08, 2011
A phrase that declares a cheap action, such as yet not limited to: Going out with someone's ex, stealing the last soda, talking behind someone's back, throwing a grenade 5000 feet and killing someone, firing a grenade launcher point black resulting in a douche-bag-style victory, spawn-sniping, and kicking someone in the genitals.
Person A: John just took the last fucking Pepsi!
Person B:...Call of Duty.

Person A: Holy crap. That guy just killed me, he must be a hacker! I'm gonna noob tube that guy!
(5 seconds later)
Person B:...Call of Duty.
by Psychotick December 06, 2010
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