the game you play when you can't play halo.
Scotty: hey wanna play call of duty?
Johnny: wheres halo?
Scotty: its broken...
Johnny:.....fine I guess.
by cherryboy24 February 09, 2010
A mainstream FPS game that illustrate it's genre in the worst possible way. Its a piece of shit that doesn't deserve to be even called a FPS, its more like a run around and click at fishes in a barrel.
by SirKiwiTheFirst January 16, 2014
What number 1 said..... and number 9 yo.
Jay: Hey Mike! Lets go play some Medal of Honor!

Mike: Naw, Id rather have hot sex with a horse then play that game. Call of Duty OwnZ.
by No Name Nigga April 18, 2005
The world's greatest contraceptive
The protection of abstenance: 100%
The protection of Call of duty: INFINITE
by Little Smart ass September 17, 2011
Okay, so I'm gonna try to make another definition like I did for Halo. So, Call of Duty is game, let's establish that first. Alright let's do this...

Call of Duty

I didn't play the first game so....

Call of Duty2: Big Red One(PS2)

I didn't have an XBOX at the time so I bought the Playstation version of the game. In this game you play an army guy who's fighting in World War II(original, right?) Anyway, you fight through Africa, Italy, and finally Germany to liberate the world from evil Nazis(Nahtzees)

Call of Duty3

You play in France. Same as the second one, except you play in France.

Call of Duty4:Modern Warfare

Call of Duty takes a detour when we go into the future to our time. And guess who you kill; I'll give a hint...IT'S TERRORISTS!!! FUN!!

Call of Duty World At War

Nazi Zombies steal the show.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare2

In continuation of Modern Warfare, they released Modern Warfare2. New guns and perks. Oh yeah, millions of players including my friends are addicted to this game.
I'm good at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare2 but I don't spend every waking moment of my life playing it.
by Audience of One May 07, 2010
Currently the best form of contraception known to man. It keeps the raping strictly to video games, rather than on the streets because we ALL know that these kids have never seen a real pair of tits before.
Sally: Hey John! Eat my pussy! :D

John: Umm... no... I'm playing call of duty right now, but what's a pussy? :O

Sally: -_- a doughnut...

John: Can you just bring it over? :(

Sally:... fuck you john
by Yeeeaaaa buddy! February 14, 2011
to call of duty-to shoot someone
-to rape/cream/beat the shit out of someone
dave- *shoots ron in the face*
ron-ahh wtf?
luke-man, he just call of duty'd the shit outta you
by ruxsha November 23, 2010

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