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A squeaker is a child on an online voice chat that has not yet reached puberty. The squeaker will talk in an extremely loud voice, to the point of the audio level needing to be turned down for the comfort of the listener. The squeaker is infamous for using execcive profaity on voice chat, inserting a swear word in nearly every sentence, as they think it will make the older boys think he is cool. The other kind of squeaker is the sex obsessed squeaker who is in the middle of puberty, and will constantly talk about sexual acts that he has ever done, and will use nothing but sexual terms to insult other players.
Pre-pubecent squeaker: You little shitface cock lover! Fucking fuck you! He fucking shot my fucking guy with a fucking gun and he fucking ran and I fucking died and then I fucking respawned and he's fucking dead and...(most headsets hve been taken off at this point.

Sex-obsessed squeaker: Dude, she sounds hot! I would totally fuck her 100 times! Have you guys ever heard of Britney Spears? She's so hot, I would do her so hard. Did you just kill me? I'm totally going to fuck your girlfriend!
by Tell me yours first January 23, 2008
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A gamer on voice chat that has not hit puberty or has an abnormally high-pitched voice. They will often use a rediculous amount of profanity to try and offset their lack of audible maturity.
Dude, that squeaker on WoW gave me a really bad headache!
by DJ Amireh August 20, 2006
A person over an online game with microphones who has an annoyingly high pitched voice, often under 11. Squeakers commonly get upset over every bad thing that happens to them, taking it out on fellow players through loud shouting and mass amounts of swearing and name calling. Commonly found in popular FPS (first person shooter) games ex. Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 2 etc.
squeaker:"Dude you guys suck! You got me killed because you didn't sacrifice your own life for mine! I kicked ass in the beta! You all are such n00bs, you would never make it in my clan."
guy 1:"Shut up you squeaker."
by charlie lower February 19, 2008
A term referring to prepubescent kids, most especially those playing online games. These types of kids generally talk or complain constantly with their prepubescent high pitched voices causing annoyance to the mature players. Be warned, as calling these kids a squeaker will generally cause them to literally start squeaking.

(Mature Voice): Damn kid. Shut up and stop squeaking.

(High Pitched Squeaker Voice): SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK
by Master H8R September 27, 2010
People on Xbox Live with very high voices. Usually very annoying and complain frequently. They are commonly around ages 10 - 14.
These Squeakers keep complaining every time I get a kill on them!
by SavageMessiah. July 10, 2008
A prepubescent child with a distinctively high voice that abuses the microphone on any online games, such as Team Fortress 2. This viral species has an incredibly short temper, and talks in its annoying high-pitched voice. Especially when they lose or get angry, their screaming voices are enough to send your eardrums clean to Pluto, back to Earth, back to Pluto again, and then back to Earth. Not only do they talk obnoxiously, but they use the mic for every second of gameplay. Their speech patterns often consist of swears with not much room for anything else. If you're unfortunate enough to meet one, your best bet is to leave the server. Or, do what others do and record footage of the game and then post it on YouTube for a good laugh. Of course, because of their age, they're usually inexperienced noobs, and their contributions to the team's efforts are only detrimental. And of course, their constant bitching makes you lag slower than their tiny brains.
I logged onto a Russian server for TF2 where mostly communists were playing, but there was a squeaker invading the team's efforts. He made me get off the server, so I had to spend the next five minutes getting to another one, only to find that there were three more in the new server! STOP THE SQUEAKER INVASION! THEY DRIVE ME TO SLIT MY NECK AND WRISTS!
by Practical Problems January 18, 2014
A child on XBox Live approximately 7-12 yrs old, who has a vocal pitch which is not only annoying, but painful to all who have to endure it.
I hate it when Dave's little brother gets on his XBOX. That little fucker pisses me off. I'm not going to let Dave join our parties anymore if that squeaker signs on as him one more time.
by Lexicon-Nerd July 29, 2011
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