Call of Duty is the most shitty video game series ever comprised of mainly camping and ultra faggotry. The games have remained the same from the start. It's campaign is pure crap and only lasts 2 hours. If you think that's bad then try out the multiplayer. It's garbage and all you do is camp, listen to gay 10 year olds, grenade spam, noob tube, and much more. The only reason Call of Duty has ever became popular was because of the marketing. The last decent COD game there ever was, was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. After this hit game, the series became utter shit. The only good CODs are COD 2 and COD 4. The series has been milked to death for the moneys. Anyone that likes the series after COD 4 shouldn't be considered a real gamer and should go kill themselves.
An 11 year old who claimed Call of Duty: Black Ops was the best game ever was later found shot inside his Florida home.
by Anon485195 January 19, 2011
1. A silent call to enlist in the military

2. An overrated piece of crap that baits lifeless 10-year olds into thinking war is a game.
Idiot: 1M4 G0 PL4Y C0D

Another Idiot: G00D! 1'LL J01N Y0UR S3RV3R

Person: There's more to the Call of Duty than THAT...
Idiot: D3R3 1S? *mind is blown*
by InvisibleWater June 29, 2012
An unrealistic and unorignal game made to encourage 10 year old kids to join the marines, which it's "totally realistic" campaign consists of 1 man who alone nukes every 3rd world country on the face of the planet and killing entire companies of Russian commie dirt bags without dying. And of which its multiplayer consists of rats with guns running around a maze shooting other rats while not actually completing any real tasks expect to shot any other players they see on sight.
CoD Noob 1: Dood Call of Duty is so awesome lets join the army!
CoD noob 2: Yeah lets! Cause in the army you're a hero and you respawn after you die!
The too noobs then join the army and get shipped off to Afghanistan where they both get shot in the head instantly and die bleeding to death!
by Southbound Soul December 18, 2011
1. See overrated

2. A first-person shooter franchise by Activision that takes place during World War II, and later a fictional present day conflict. The most played franchise on Xbox Live, and best-selling video game franchise of all time, with eacch new release far outselling the previous incarnation.

Currently synonymous with milking franchises dry.
First made by Infinity Ward in 2003, Call of Duty is Activision's flagship franchise, and easily the most overrated game franchise of all time. It also slowly kills off innovation and creativity in video games.

Activision once came up with the "awesome" plan of releasing a new CoD every year. Or something that's at least called "new Call of Duty", as it is actually just an unfinished, buggy, and glorified DLC package pressed onto a disc and sold for $70 across all major platforms.

Call of Duty is mostly played by 12-year old idiots, Xbox 360 fanboys, and generally people who think that playing these games makes them cool. These groups of people also often refer to Call of Duty as "teh best game EVAR!", and other things that attempt but fail to equalize it with a revelation.
Person 1: Wanna play Call of Duty?

Person 2: FUCK YEAH!

Sane person: No! Call of Duty is an overrated piece of garbage that gets more recognition than it deserves!
by DarkStar May 18, 2012
a failure of a game series due to bullshit kills and quick-scoping, pure and simple trash, requires hours and hours of concentration to think your getting good until youtube and machinima proves you wrong. if your k/d isn't above 1 you are wasting your time
"dude so i plowed my girlfriend last night!, she said i was about as good as call of duty!" :P
by BadCompany4TW February 27, 2011
Shittest game ever made
Holy crap, he's playing Call of Duty. How shit! Automatic wanker
by BellendWankstainSmith November 21, 2010
The most overrated video game series of all time.
When everyone talks about how awesome the new Call of Duty is, it makes me want to play it less than I did when I first heard about it. All the hype takes away from the actual experience. Just like losing your virginity.
by The Unforgiven King Nothing March 01, 2012

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