euphemism for "have sex"; used by gay males who do not know how to show affection without having sex
(on the telephone or internet)

Homosexual A: "So where do you live?"
Homosexual B: "15th and Main. Want to come over and cuddle with me?"
Homosexual A: "But it's 12:30 in the morning. Why the sudden urge to cuddle?"
by Brandon1978 September 30, 2007
polite word for penis
'just a little cuddle?' --> you've only a small penis?
by mrs b. August 28, 2006
Affectionately termed verb, describing the act of giving head or eating pussy while in the car, parked or moving. Also see road head
Me and this girl Teg used to love to cuddle on road trips.
by Robbie Ro Ro October 12, 2005
To completely destroy a woman's asshole by means of savage, angry butt sex.
I cuddled the shit out of my girlfriend last night; she loves it.
by M.B.P. March 09, 2007

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