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Someone who refuses to resort to violence in order to solve a problem.
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent" -pacifist
#nonviolent #peaceful #sxe #violent #intelligent
by DustinS November 20, 2005
Someone who, for religious, ethical, practical, or other reasons, believes that violence and/or war are not acceptable solutions to problems.
Jill asked her church to keep on file her statement of Conscientous Objection. She didn't want there to be any question of her pacifist beliefs in case of a draft.
by Skylark January 26, 2004
a person with the right idea
don't hurt other people
don't kill other people
just go through life with smiles and laughs and never hit someone else
we all learned that in kindergarden
pacifists are the only ones who remember
violence just leads to death and jail
man: go kill that man
pacifist: are you fucking retarded why would you go kill someone?
#pacifism #peace #hippie #love #idea
by socalginger April 13, 2009
Common English definition: someone who believes in non-violent solutions to the world's problems and that war is a crime against humanity

American definition: terrorist
Did you hear that Food Not Bombs got put on the Central Texas Terrorist Group Watch List?
Well, duh, they are a bunch of pacifists after all. You know, feeding the homeless--that's providing material support...
#war #terrorist #antiwar #violence #activist
by whydoyouneedmyname0 October 04, 2010
The act of fisting your girlfriend (or possibly boyfriend) in attempts to make amends or peace after a conflict or argument.
Boyfriend: Fine, you're right. Let's just paci-fist and go to bed
Girlfriend: :D
#fist #fisting #pacifist #pacify #peace #girlfriend #boyfriend #amends #conflict
by Wahzuhbee June 13, 2011
A brotha who believes that even playa-hatin' nations shouldn't have caps busted in they asses.
David Seal
by Louie G April 01, 2003
Something that is good to be sometimes; stupid to be ALL the time.
Pacifists are peaceful, but some are naive enough to believe that everyone they try to help share their views and will NOT kill them. (Remember Somalia?)
by LAWL May 01, 2004
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