Crazy Space Incest. Term commonly used in fanfiction.
Refers to a romantic/sexual relationship between the characters Simon and River Tam on the show Firefly.
Many viewers of the show felt that there was a romantic, if not sexual, subtext between Simon and River thoughout the series, thus the term CSI, crazy space incest, erupted.
Person 1: I read a Firefly fic yesterday and it had some CSI parts in it. Do you want me to send you the link?
Person 2: Yeah, cool. I love CSI fics.

Light It ~ The CSI Shipper's Community on Livejournal
http ://community.livejournal.com/light_it
by blahbi February 28, 2006
Crime Show Interchangeable --

Yet another example of the myriad of crime shows that have taken over TV: Bones, Cold Case, Crime Scene Investigation, Cops, Criminal Minds, Dexter, Fringe, Law & Order, Medium, NCIS, Numb3rs, Mentalist, Ghost Whisperer, etc . . .
Look! Another CSI is on. They named this one Medium, and some psychic solves the crimes.
by MeiraV April 27, 2010
I bet you never heard about them, eh?

That's alright though, because they're the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, or the canadian equivalent of the CIA.

Unlike the CIA, who are known worldwide, CSIS is only known by a handful of people, now including you (You'd better run now!), making them a lot more efficient.
No examples about CSIS are found, mainly because they're sneaky enough.
by ICallBS July 21, 2011
Being nosey
Can be used as a verb; or pronoun
The act of spying or investigating something
1) She was being all CSI by listening in on his conversation.
2) I was CSI'ing around her desk for some info.
by Linifer Rubirelli March 08, 2007
Crime Scene Investigation (often refering to the television show)
Found on shirts, hats, etc: Certified Sex Instructor (like FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation - Female Body Inspector)
ex1: did you see the new episode of CSI last night?
ex2: I bought a new shirt this weekend that says CSI
by shortygurl August 03, 2007
CSI stands for "Crime Scene Investigation," which as the name implies are a group of individuals, usually forensic scientists, within a police force who examine and process a crime scene and the evidence found there. It is also a show on CBS with reruns on SpikeTV. There are three forms of the show: CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: New York. Many claim that CSI is CBS's stylized response to the show Law & Order on NBC. However, the television show is just a glamorized, more "viewer friendly" view of the real CSI job.
(Taken from www.vgcats.com) "In the normal world, CSI, or Crime Scene Investigators, collect and analyze information on a crime. Their findings are then passed on to the detectives and other authorities as the criminal case makes its way down the system. However, in TV, show the CSI investigators take on nearly all aspects of the case. Even arresting and interviewig suspects. Making them some sort of Judge Dredd enforcement officer. A complete package of Judge, Jury, and Executer."
Although I like CSI and Law & Order, I personally prefer Law & Order because it's more realistic. Also, since I'm pre-law, I was upset with the court scenes on CSI.
by Matt September 06, 2005
An excellent television show put out by CBS, that has just finished its fifth season. It follows the cases (and sometimes, personal lives) of a group of forensic scientists...whose jobs are actually just an amalgam of careers found in the real world. But it's still really good.
Bob: Oh. My. God. Did you see last night's episode of CSI?
Susie: I totally did! I thought Greg was going to cry! He's so emo sometimes.
Bob: Yeah, it was awesome.
by Kie-chan May 25, 2005

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