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an exclaimation said when you suddenly out of the blue see a large amount of cleavage. derived from saying holy cow or holy shit when you see something that shocks or surprises you.
girl 1: hey wanna see a picture of me in my prom dress?
girl 2: sure *gets pic* holy cleavage!
girl 1: yeah sorry about that...but do you like the color?
#holy cleavage! #holy #cleavage #claevage #boobs #out of the blue
by blahbi March 05, 2006
Crazy Space Incest. Term commonly used in fanfiction.
Refers to a romantic/sexual relationship between the characters Simon and River Tam on the show Firefly.
Many viewers of the show felt that there was a romantic, if not sexual, subtext between Simon and River thoughout the series, thus the term CSI, crazy space incest, erupted.
Person 1: I read a Firefly fic yesterday and it had some CSI parts in it. Do you want me to send you the link?
Person 2: Yeah, cool. I love CSI fics.

Light It ~ The CSI Shipper's Community on Livejournal
http ://community.livejournal.com/light_it
#crazy space incest #river/simon #simon/river #firefly #fanfiction
by blahbi February 28, 2006
punching someone in the balls

but it's a noun, not a verb
Rich gave Tim a tapper at the lunch table and he got really pissed off
#tap #taper #balls #punch #nuts
by blahbi February 20, 2006
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