Customer Service Indian
I was on the phone with Microsoft's CSIs for 4 hours trying to reinstate "OMFG PWN MY BALLS" my gamertag.
by ScottyQ October 23, 2007
Cat Smack International
CSI (Cat Smack International) is a degenerate group of pricks who abuse animals and put the videos online. They need to get a life.

by Cat Kitty Pet October 22, 2007
Great TV crime show based in cities solving murders, robberies, kidnappings etc. and some wierd crimes!
Gil Grissom said himself Miami and New York Sucked.
by Monkeyseat May 09, 2005
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a pretty solid prime time drama series that has its ups and downs. In its fourth season right now, the show has spun off two TV shows, CSI: Miami which is in its second season and CSI: New York, coming out this fall, two PC games, and even a board game.
According to CBS, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the most watched drama. The statement is also backed by TV ratings.
by angelfish April 28, 2004
Crime Scene Investigation
Crime Scene Investigater

also is the name of tv shows:
CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
"i want to be a CSI"
"i watched CSI: NY last night"
"CSI shows are awesome!"
by ShaeElise February 27, 2009
CSI is an acronym.

It stands for:


It's generally used for those people who know way too much about science, and tend to talk about creepy things concerning it.

It is also used when referring to a government group that goes under the same name, but that's not used very often except when referring to the television programs.
"Man, what a CSI - I think we have a secret pedobear on the loose. Somebody phone the police..."
by Genevieve Am I June 22, 2011
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