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A high-pitched noise of hyper, joyful excitement. Often emitted by fangirls and t00bs.
Person 1: Hey, the new Harry Potter book comes out in July.
Person 2: SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Person 1: *rolls on floor holding ears*
by Kie-chan May 25, 2005
An excellent television show put out by CBS, that has just finished its fifth season. It follows the cases (and sometimes, personal lives) of a group of forensic scientists...whose jobs are actually just an amalgam of careers found in the real world. But it's still really good.
Bob: Oh. My. God. Did you see last night's episode of CSI?
Susie: I totally did! I thought Greg was going to cry! He's so emo sometimes.
Bob: Yeah, it was awesome.
by Kie-chan May 25, 2005

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