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Camp Kill Yourself <--(a very good band)
I listened to "CKY" on the radio
by Robbie June 03, 2004
120 42
Music for the intelligent percentage of the world.
Try to understand CKY's lyrics with a 3rd grade education. It's impossible.
by -Duckie- August 02, 2005
98 32
an entity that is more than a mere band. CKY is a way of life. Their devotion to their fans is matched by no others. The Allience (fan base) lives and breathes CKY.
fuCKYeah, they sure are the greatest!
by Alonso Hernandez December 31, 2003
91 30
Camp Kill Yourself. A rock band in a self-titled genre. Started in 1999. Original member were Deron Miller, Chad I Ginsburg, Jess Margera, and Ryan Bruni. Ryan left, and was eventually replaced by Vern Zaborowski. He too has also left recently.
Band was formed by two members, Deron and Jess, who also played together in 2 seperate bands (Oil and Forign Objects) untill they met Chad in recording sudion and formed the now popular cKy. Best band in music today in America.
If you like Good Charlotte, i'll punch your fuCKing face in. roCK~
by Chaz December 08, 2004
46 11
I agree with brad. Awesome, awesome band.
Cky was a band before it was a hillarious movie.
by Poopsy July 08, 2003
47 19
amazing rock band that blows my mind. band members were deron miller, chad I. ginsburg, jess margera but vern zaborowski has recently left.
next summer i wanna go to camp kill yourself!
by markkram July 23, 2004
35 11
A band consisting of Deron Miller, Chad I Ginsburg, Jess Margera, and a new live bassist whos name is still unknown. Jess and Deron orriginally formed a band named Foreign Objects in 1994. The band consisted of many other members but always contained Deron and Jess. There attempt at Sci-fi death metal was semi succesful with there original album "The Undiscovered Numbers and Colors" selling around 600 copies locally. Then in 1998 they decided to change direction after meeting Chad in a local recording studio and went after a more commerial, appealing, heavier style. So after also picking up Ryan Brunni they formed a band known as Oil. But confliction with another band named Oil led to the name Camp Kill Yourself. Soon after the releasal of the original Volume 1 in 1999 Ryan Brunni left the band because he was no longer needed. Then came another name change and Volume 1 was rereleased under Volcom Entertainment and called Camp:CKY. Thye coon after changed there name to Cky. Then later in '99 they released Volume 2 which was a series of prank calls and hilarios songs done in part by Jess's bro Bam Margera and his friends. Needing a new live bassist Chad found Vern Zaborowskiand Vern was a hit. In 2002 INFILTRATE.DESTROY.REBUILD was released and sold well. Afet differences with Zaborowski he left the band. Cky's new album comes out on June 28 2005 titled An Answer Can Be Found
Cky is the most original metal band i have ever heard
by Greenmonkies June 03, 2005
33 10