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The hottest lead singer ever.

Amazing lyrics/voice.

"OMG that dude is such a Ville Valo!"
by Kittie July 27, 2004
Bam Margera isnt in CKY..o.O

One of the best bands ever.

Funny DVD's where they do hilarious stunts.

"That CKY DVD rocked!"
by Kittie July 27, 2004
A retarded freak who sucks dick and loves to shove marshmellows in ass,this is usually followed by shouting "OHHHHH BOBBB!!<3" In a very sick matter.She can be spotted on AIM with this as her username.
"That girl isn't nearly as bad as vague cheshir."
by Kittie December 07, 2003
sex that is loco, crazy, wild, freaky, and fun
Jakes told Rob about how buck wild things went with the two chicks he met
by Kittie September 10, 2003

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