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Shit in a can. The band members do marijuana, which kills brain cells and can lead to overdoses. The band worships Satan, and can often be seen biting the heads off innocent animals, throwing fake blood into the crowd, and exposing themselves to the audience. A fan told me that during their shows naked women run on stage covered in blood and masturbate. The whole thing is fuckin sick. CKY should be executed for the things they do.
CKY should burn in hell for being such depressed, goth, satan-worshippers. Life is good. Go to A&F, or American Eagle, and buy some good clothes.
by Football playa May 09, 2005
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Stands for
Camp Kill Yourself
1.A very, very overated metal band. Listen they really arn't that good. Are mostly listened to by nerds these days.
2. A way of life which consists of jumping off things and trying to do crazy idiotic stunts that are very paintfull or discusting in public. It was cool at one time but now its only re-enacted by NERDS.
Nerd:Yo dude check out this amazing Cky song.
Cool person: Shut up, like something new you twat

Nerd: Yo lets jump off some building because it makes me look cool even though im gay.
Cool person: Ur so gay.
by Doctor_destruction March 29, 2005
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