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A bad-ass soldier from the video game "Halo: Combat Evolved". Usually seen in green MJOLNIR Mark-V Armor. Synonymous with 1337.
The Master Chief can run at up to 55 kilometers per hour. He is the embodiment of 1337ness.
by Araquiel May 28, 2004
Short for "Camp Kill Yourself". One kick-ass band.
Listen to Chinese Freestyle by CKY. NOW.
by Araquiel October 29, 2004
A retard with magical powers, who comes from Photonika Glingerius. His psionic powers include the "Magic Lip" or "Gling", in which he focuses light onto his braces and shoots out an unstoppable beam with many special abilities. Very few survive the Gling, and those who do usually become Trotman's servants in his army. Also see Magic Lip, Gling, Gunsmoke, and Allay
The Trotman used his Gling to travel to another dimension.
"There is a Trotman in this cell!"-Zeratul
by Araquiel May 29, 2004
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