computer jockey (as opposed to DJ or disc jockey). comes from the theory that, since many DJs no longer spin actual vinyl, and the spinning of CDs on CDJs may even wane in the future towards complete use of sound files, the title of the DJ should also change to represent the shift in our culture towards all digital media, and to indicate the ending of the "disc" era.

while some might argue that it doesn't matter if one spins actual discs in order to have the title DJ, others argue that the distinction between CJ and DJ gives due respect to those who paved the way by learning the arduous processes involved in wax manipulation.
...and tonight we have a special guest for you. CJ Skribble on the keyboard rockin the house!
by Night Nurse June 12, 2006
The almighty ruler--I mean, webmaster, of GameFAQs.
by dj gs68 May 10, 2003
A fucking thug ass niga at B-CC. also a wanksta.
Yo check that six-fo.... Oh thas tha niga CJ.
by Shit Face June 01, 2003
Cock Johnson!
(Strait up FAG!)
Look at this Fucking CJ!
by TomyEaston August 20, 2009
Comb Job: stroking girl's hair with penis during sexual intercourse
Dude, I gave that girl a CJ last night!
by Fat ManGutman October 20, 2008
Can be shorthand for Cockjaws
Shut it CJ before I fuck you up.
by Tony666 February 17, 2008
1.)Initials of one of the most awesome women to ever grace this planet. It stands for Candace Janna. She is short, beautiful, & has more talent in her pinky finger than most 3rd world countries. She will wow you with wit & intelligence.

2.) Also the name of a character that once played in "Bay Watch", played by Pamela Anderson.
"OMG, is that CJ??"

"Look at CJ run in that red bathing suit in slow motion up the beach...I am going to go drown now..."
by hisbabydoll0227 March 22, 2009

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