Stands for "constant joner", which is what Debloons had. Established by Lagonia and Debloons.
char bar: MOM! DAD! I'VE GOT A CJ!
by The Russian Unabomber July 10, 2008
Can be shorthand for Cockjaws
Shut it CJ before I fuck you up.
by Tony666 February 17, 2008
an over eating disorder...That you eat till you expoled.
Man that guy probaly cjed once.
by CJCP06-07 January 01, 2007
The coolest person ever to sit next to Saffron in Health Class
CJ is a pimp and he is way coolio.
by Love_Pain May 09, 2006
an older jeep, for instance CJ-5, or CJ-7
That loser in a Wrangler just waved to me. I only wave at CJs.
by Nick Victim April 29, 2004
Consumption Junction- a website dedicated to delivering strange and unusual content to all the sick f***s out there on the internet. www.consumptionjunction.com
Man! Did you see that scat video on CJ!? Sick, dude!
by Drakens June 29, 2003
Slightly.....unintellingent clueless creature who says he targets girls who would be gracing him by using him as a shoerag, while he actually loves his neighbor, who is madly in love with him. He, being totally unreceptive to any signals this neighbor sends him, fears that she does not like him and therefore fakes not liking her. He has recieved every signal possible from his neighbor, including recieving a rose from her on Valentine's, delivered by her friends, while he was surrounded by his friends. Extremely sensitive on the inside, this creature tries to cover it up with a hard, macho exterior. Also klutzy and forgetful.
A boy from WRMS with another initial A.
by Neighbor Girl June 28, 2003

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