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The person who mixes lights and video projections at events, parties and clubs.
The visuals were amazing, the VJ was mixed up some amazing footage at last night's party
by klik December 19, 2003
An announcer of a television show of popular recorded music; also one who plays recorded video for dancing at a nightclub or party.
In the news: MTV welcomes back VJ Michie Bleary for an undisclosed amount; VJ VaVaVoom is doing his third installation at the Guggenheim
by Will Greenhalgh June 09, 2003
A slang term for the female reproductive organ, directly derived from the word 'vagina'.
The baby came out of her V.J.
by musicalthought October 01, 2006
short for video-jockey
I secretly wanna be a vj on Fuse. It's killing me, man.
by xoxotigerlilyxoxo November 24, 2007
A quick way to say vagina.
Eeeeew, look at that hairy V J.
by akoxuk September 02, 2008
Video Jockey. The term VJ is a derivative of the term disc jockey or deejay (DJ).

1. A life performer of visuals in clubs, raves or art events. They may be mixing video footage and also be controlling a laser light show or other visual effects.

2. An announcer who introduces and plays videos, on stations such as MTV etc.
These visuals are pretty mint, this V.J. is wicked.
by kiwijunglist November 12, 2007
The term VJ (Vag. Job) refers to the female equivalent of a BJ (Blow Job).
Giving a VJ is also known as perfoming cunnilingus. VJ is often used in place of cunnilingus due to its concise nature.
Colleen: "Hey, since I gave you a BJ, I expect a VJ in return."
Jeff: "Hell no, thats not part of our arrangement."
by Jeffy March 30, 2004