circle jerk
yo everyone is having a cj over mj dying
by quanchman July 02, 2009
Cassette Jockey, or DJ of cassettes. A CJ will always have the right tape for the mood of the room and knows his tapes well enough to flip to the B side seamlessly.

Theses skills are largely unappreciated until a long car ride in a car with a cassette stereo.
The drive across Ohio was so boring until Paul sat up front to be CJ and rocked his cassettes.
by TreeWeezel January 06, 2012
1. a complete jerk
2. also, a douche
I can't believe what a CJ that guy ended up being, I hope he trips and falls on his face.
by Kris Patrickson November 10, 2010
The REAL Jeep. It's got round head lights and leaf springs. The ultimate off-road vehicle. Came in several flavors: CJ-2, CJ2A, CJ-3A, CJ-3B, CJ-5, CJ-6, CJ-7, and CJ-8. NOT to be confuse with later, inferior Jeep Wranglers. Remember, it's a jeep thing, you probably won't understand.
"Man that CJ just stomped through that mudhole....too bad towing that Toyota out slowed him down so much.
by cj5_pilot July 05, 2005
noun- Derrogatory synonym for "vaginal secretion" dirrived from the first letters in the words, "cunt juice"
"She was so horny her CJ soaked right through her undies."
by Justin Butler November 17, 2003
Usually a ginger, CJ's think everybody loves him. CJ's usually aren't aware of a secret group plotting their death. CJ's can be found wearing Yellow crusty mustard shoes and the same greasy Volcom hat everyday. CJ's are somewhat stupid, athletic, and Charming. After awhile people realize that CJ's REALLYx100 need a punch in the face.
Guy: Hey Ladies! *Winks*

Girl1: I have the sudden urge to punch that kid in the face

Girl2: He must be a CJ
by truday11 June 01, 2010
In reference to the model of Jeep created by AMC.
The Best name you could give a dog. Particularly a Golden retriever. A honorable title worthy of both a great dog and the best vehicle ever fabricated.
I was driving rockhardjeep and saw another jeep, It was a CJ and had a nasty ass Pitbull in there. CJ was barking up a storm trying to get at it.
by nitzboy April 29, 2005

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