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The REAL Jeep. It's got round head lights and leaf springs. The ultimate off-road vehicle. Came in several flavors: CJ-2, CJ2A, CJ-3A, CJ-3B, CJ-5, CJ-6, CJ-7, and CJ-8. NOT to be confuse with later, inferior Jeep Wranglers. Remember, it's a jeep thing, you probably won't understand.
"Man that CJ just stomped through that mudhole....too bad towing that Toyota out slowed him down so much.
by cj5_pilot July 05, 2005
Male masterbation between the butt-cheeks of another, where the penis does not penetrate but simply slides between the cheeks. Much related to "tit-fucking".
Bro, she gave me the best CJ of my life.
by bagashit September 16, 2009
code jockey - someone who writes endless lines of code for money
"get back to work, cjs" - EA Management
by fedexon February 19, 2009
In reference to the model of Jeep created by AMC.
The Best name you could give a dog. Particularly a Golden retriever. A honorable title worthy of both a great dog and the best vehicle ever fabricated.
I was driving rockhardjeep and saw another jeep, It was a CJ and had a nasty ass Pitbull in there. CJ was barking up a storm trying to get at it.
by nitzboy April 29, 2005
Kick-ass red-headed female pirate. Will randomly break into dance on bus or in middle of street. LIkes to steal sweet and sour chicken from other pirates. Stubborn and very violent.
Moved away from friends and misses them terribly. Finds it hard to say i love you but still manages to screach various compliments across the phone-lines. Can be very humorous, but has a dirty mind.
Boy 1 : dude, i really need to do something exciting i am so bored.
Boy 2: Hey i know a good CJ! she can make anyone laugh!
together : LETS GO! *skip off into distance looking for CJ*
by Finshaw13 January 30, 2010
computer jockey (as opposed to DJ or disc jockey). comes from the theory that, since many DJs no longer spin actual vinyl, and the spinning of CDs on CDJs may even wane in the future towards complete use of sound files, the title of the DJ should also change to represent the shift in our culture towards all digital media, and to indicate the ending of the "disc" era.

while some might argue that it doesn't matter if one spins actual discs in order to have the title DJ, others argue that the distinction between CJ and DJ gives due respect to those who paved the way by learning the arduous processes involved in wax manipulation.
...and tonight we have a special guest for you. CJ Skribble on the keyboard rockin the house!
by Night Nurse June 12, 2006
that hot lady from the West Wing!
damn i would love to have sex with CJ!
by ddd December 23, 2004