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A powerful attack you can use with your foot. If a shoe is on it can cause a nosebleed!
Guy #1: Here take this...kick!!!

Guy #2: OUCH!!!! You've made my nose bleed!
by Ghiz January 04, 2005
Smoking member of Grove street famlies. Hits the wet all the time and freqently calls CJ a busta. Extreamly small. Likes being strapped. Smokes more then any other member of Grove street famlies no matter how much CJ smokes in the bar.
Stop hittin' the wet so much your makin' Ryder look bad!
by Ghiz January 03, 2005
Fat Grove street families member. Had a good car but it exploded so he got an ancheint car to replace it. Fattest member of Grove street famlies no matter how much CJ stuffs his face.
Yo foo' wanna get fat as Big Smoke or somthin'?
by Ghiz January 03, 2005
Kicking, jewel-loving bat from Sonic the hedgehog(first apperance Sonic Adeventure 2). Loves Knuckles. Knuckles loves her too but would never admit it.
Rouge and Knuckles=love. STUPID non-belivers read this(no-one else read it. don't be angry at me if you do I told you not to so just blame yo'self...):

Knuckles holds Rouge's hand in SA2 after their battle! Hahaha! I bet non-belivers didn't know that...too stupid to get to that part of the game eh? I thought they were gonna kiss even! Oh and to ruin more-Shadow dies. Listen to theme tune though...oh and in Sonic heroes that Shadow is a ROBOT! hahaha!(oh btw I said "that" cuz Shadow breathes and cries in SA2-more spoilers! crying! hahaha! there's a boss called the biolizard!)
by Ghiz January 04, 2005
Most smart member of Grove street famlies. Genius who can change apperance so the cops don't reconise him. Though negative. Has had mother murderd. Smartest member no matter how much Ryder thinks HE'S the smartest.
Oh your CJ? I didn't notice.
by Ghiz January 03, 2005
Leader of Grove Street Famlies. Argues and insults and is angry alot. And...that's about it. Is the leader no matter how much respect CJ earns.
Calm down, Sweet you fucker.
by Ghiz January 03, 2005
1. The villian from The incredibles.

2. Special needs.
1. Syndrome has a huge dick!

2. I have downsyndrome.
by Ghiz March 07, 2005

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