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A greasy male with a pube stache who is an annoying dickbag. "CJ" is oblivious to world around him, thus his personal hygiene suffers greatly. Known to listen to shitty classic rock on iPod speakers hung around his neck.

"CJ" mumbles terrible jokes under his breath, which smells so bad, people believe he has eaten a fart bubble.

All in all, "CJ" is a lazy cunt and gets in the way of people who are actually working.
Derek: Dude, Jim's is a disgusting fuck.
Arthur: We might as well call him CJ.

Ash: Its just CJ, you ass monkey.

by jack meursault January 03, 2009
The almighty ruler--I mean, webmaster, of GameFAQs.
by dj gs68 May 10, 2003
Cock Johnson!
(Strait up FAG!)
Look at this Fucking CJ!
by TomyEaston August 20, 2009
A fucking thug ass niga at B-CC. also a wanksta.
Yo check that six-fo.... Oh thas tha niga CJ.
by Shit Face June 01, 2003
Comb Job: stroking girl's hair with penis during sexual intercourse
Dude, I gave that girl a CJ last night!
by Fat ManGutman October 20, 2008
The coolest person ever to sit next to Saffron in Health Class
CJ is a pimp and he is way coolio.
by Love_Pain May 09, 2006
1.)Initials of one of the most awesome women to ever grace this planet. It stands for Candace Janna. She is short, beautiful, & has more talent in her pinky finger than most 3rd world countries. She will wow you with wit & intelligence.

2.) Also the name of a character that once played in "Bay Watch", played by Pamela Anderson.
"OMG, is that CJ??"

"Look at CJ run in that red bathing suit in slow motion up the beach...I am going to go drown now..."
by hisbabydoll0227 March 22, 2009
CJ is a term originally coined by Trappist monks from La Trappe Abbey in Normandy, France. The terms was first used in 1664, in reaction to the relaxation of practices in many Cistercian monasteries. Cistercian monks were cast out to live out their life of devotional studies, prayer and penance in enclaves as a result of their severe acedia. Cisterian monks abstain from worldly pleasures such as women and basic hygiene. Unable to procreate due to a lack of testes, these monks often seek out the companionship of older women who've already bore children. However, due to strict vows taken upon entering the monastery, they resort to homosexual pleasuring of each other, most commonly refusing to bathe for weeks after these sexual encounters. Hence, the term "Cistercian Monk," or CM, took on a new idiom as "Cock Jerker" - aka "CJ." In modern usage, “CJ” refers to anyone that sleeps in until at least 11AM. In addition, a “CJ” will usually leave their shoes all over the house, not do dishes, never take out the trash, and essentially just occupy space in a dwelling. It’s kind of like having a dog that eats fast-food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and shits all over your house.

Also see – “Suck ass mule” and “Doucher.”
Damn CJ, quit shittin' in the mailbox.
by Boon Dock March 19, 2009