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A word used to describe the art of 'Caging' - ie. Changing everything about someones Facebook without their knowledge to Nicholas Cage, whether it be display/cover pictures, their hobbies, schools, likes...etc. It is essentially a form of Frape taken to a whole new level of hilarity.
"Why is my display picture Nicholas Cage?"
"You've just been Caged!"
by The Cage Queen November 20, 2012
24 3
What happens to seemingly dominant males whenever they get attached to a girl. In other words, whipped
Girl: Hey boy, you lookin' for a good time tonight?
Boy: Well actually, I was just about to call my girlfriend, she worries about me a lot
Girl: Ohhh, you looked cute but your definately caged
by Mosh Jean April 13, 2008
14 8
Another form of Rick Rolling, but instead it's random media of Nicolas Cage.
"Man falls from plane and survives. - Click here -"

Hypelink to pic of Nicolas Cage

You've been CAGED!!!
by Radiant_Kosmos July 23, 2009
8 6
Defeating someone in tetris attack in 60 seconds or less.

Nicholas Cage ----> Gone in 60 Seconds
Your ass got caged son.
by -Farenhex January 21, 2009
6 4
Caged (1): To beat someone at something or to humiliate someone.

Caged (2): Something is more intense by being "caged".
When playing Mortal Kombat as Johnny Cage and you beat someone you just "Caged" them.

"I'm doing so good right now, I just Caged him in Black Ops."

"The new season of Sons Of Anarchy is Caged!" meaning it's intense.
by HorrorStory October 12, 2011
6 7
Owns you at CS. Is also a sexy bast ;)
OMFG I saw Caged the other day, what a pr0. He has a nice phallus.
by anonymous June 25, 2003
4 7
bit of a queer name which means "butt fucker"
ie : i is a caged
by mawfaw June 27, 2003
2 14