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Simply put, Sex
I'm finna get me some buckets tonight
by theoneandonlyinfamous November 09, 2010
"get your bucket."
by noixz January 14, 2009
A small hockey player who is very good. That person is very scrappy and has a quick shot. A Bucket player is known for getting into fights. He is a fan favorite and a ladies man.
After getting into a fight, Josh's new nickname became bucket.
by black magic January 09, 2008
To Bucket or to be Bucket Drunk;

1. To be so drunk, a "barf bucket" has become permanently attatched to your hand, lap, hands of friends looking after you, etc. Therefore, to be "bucket drunk" is to be completely "wasted".

2. To be "bucket drunk" is to be so drunk that incoherent babble becomes your language of choice; to say something stupid or funny while under the influence is considered "a bucket".
DRUNKEN DEREK: *hic* I'm so speak, I can't even drunk right!

SOBER SAM: Haha.. you just totally bucketed, man.
by Caity K February 12, 2007
A device for smoking cannabis
buckets are a good hit!
by Steve September 22, 2002
An exclamation to be inserted into random points of conversations, especially awkward silences.
Person 1- Yo momma's so fat, she has to wear large clothing!
Person 2- Um, my mom died last year.
1- ...
2- ...
2- ...
1- ...
2- That really didn't help.
A term used to express great joy and/or happiness. Most often used right after an action/event that is uncommon and good.
After shooting a bottle into the small recycling bin Jason's only responce was, "Buckets!"

Teacher: "Friday's test is canceled"
Student: "Buckets!"
by Jas1 January 23, 2010