a young girl who is known for having a loose vagina which could hold many a large item
that bucket could hold a small country
by mart1n221 June 02, 2009
A 21 piece feed in Punchbowl
'Bucket's are heaps sick aye'

'Hummer and a chicken feed all in one, bloody good times, have a bit of fun.'

'That's heaps sick, Kev and I sing it.'
by Sparks3333333 October 16, 2008
A device for smoking cannabis
buckets are a good hit!
by Steve September 22, 2002
Bucket(Bkt), a unit of measurement. 1 Bucket or Bkt is approximately 12-13 of any given item, this is applicable to objects, and other units of measurement(distance, weight, etc). This also applies towards emotions, a single Bkt of any emotion is a relatively large amount, equivalent to the amount of happiness one experiences when receiving a new puppy.
:How many people are out there?
:About a Bucket or two

:how happy are you?
:Ive got a Bucket of happy!
by The Bucketeer January 27, 2009
A small hockey player who is very good. That person is very scrappy and has a quick shot. A Bucket player is known for getting into fights. He is a fan favorite and a ladies man.
After getting into a fight, Josh's new nickname became bucket.
by black magic January 09, 2008
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