'Bucket' is a commonly used term describing a wide vagina cuased by a lot, and I mean A LOT, of sex. Usually used as an insulting term, but some women seem to be proud. When explaining the term 'bucket', some people tend to use the anecdote 'like throwing a sausage down a corridor', which means a penis (the sausage) going into a wide vagina/bucket (the corridor).
Guy 1: Damn, that girl's hot.
Guy 2: Mate, I wouldn't. Loads of people of said she's got a bucket. Imagine throwing your sausage down that corridor.
Girl: Don't talk about my bucket like that! I'm proud!
an extremely unattractive person (usually used to refer to an extremely unattractive girl)
"Hey dude, how was that party last night"

"Man, it sucked. It was full of buckets so I left early."

"That sucks. Sounds like buck-city to me"
by hahajknot November 01, 2013
Non-cuss word use to replace the word bitch. You never ever want to be around buckets. Unless of course you are one.
"She is such a bucket!!"
by WiseWomen July 05, 2009
Homemade Utensil for smoking cannibus.
Consisting of a plastic drink bottle (eg cola bottle)with the bottom inch cut off.the bottle is then placed into a bucket of water(or kitchen sink)until the neck of the bottle is showing above the water.You then proceed to put on the gauze(tinfoil with small holes in it)tightly around/on the mouthpeice of the bottle and then fill with your desired substance(usually cannabis).Ignite the substance until it turns red,proceed then to slowly pull up the bottle drawing in all the smoke until the bottle is nearly out of the water.Remove the gauze immediately,then press down on the bottle into the water inhaling all the smoke,but sucking at the same time!hey presto.
by megamong May 02, 2009
bucket is when u go to a part and u puke you brains out ....

big ass bucket.

anna is a big bucket who sits at home eating vegitables.
Mike saw matt and said hey look at that guy he's suck a bucket.

Matt Saw mike and said hey look at that girl She's such a bucket i think her name is anna

Jakub Is a fat Bucket

Maciej saw a black guy and said look at that bucket
by dj classiik April 26, 2009
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