Typically a high school kid who is greasy and smells bad. Other characteristics that constitute being a bucket are being under-educated (or act in a manner that suggests so), being a dirty looking whore and altogether unkempt looks. Another way of saying it is 'buck'.
Person 1: "ew look at that greasy bitch."
Person 2: "What a bucket."

Person 1: "Man, there's so many gross kids in here."
Person 2: "What a bunch of bucks."
by Mohammed Abdul Jabar November 05, 2010
An empty headed person who is simply just waste.
Sergio Cunha is a bucket
by Bob Joe Carlos John Pillow December 11, 2010
a person acting retarded, stupid and/or like a douche.
Will you stop being such a bucket?!?
by 'Brian'FPTLCMSandehClaus October 30, 2010
bucket is when u go to a part and u puke you brains out ....

big ass bucket.

anna is a big bucket who sits at home eating vegitables.
Mike saw matt and said hey look at that guy he's suck a bucket.

Matt Saw mike and said hey look at that girl She's such a bucket i think her name is anna

Jakub Is a fat Bucket

Maciej saw a black guy and said look at that bucket
by dj classiik April 26, 2009
Bucket, a ratchet or wack person who usually wears a bucket hat
"That kid is such a bucket, check out his bucket hat!"
by Bucketgurl June 13, 2014
A loser
that guy is such a bucket
by ToeChopper December 11, 2013
an extremely unattractive person (usually used to refer to an extremely unattractive girl)
"Hey dude, how was that party last night"

"Man, it sucked. It was full of buckets so I left early."

"That sucks. Sounds like buck-city to me"
by hahajknot November 01, 2013

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