An oversized vagina due to lots of sex.
Shut up you bucket minged slag!
She's got a bucket!
by Samwell March 25, 2005
A method of smoking marijuana that involves:
a) a bucket of water b) a bottomless 2 litre bottle c) a pipe bowl.

Attach bowl to air-tight seal of bottle while it is submerged in water, light bowl whille slowly pulling bottle out of water. When bottle fills with smoke, push into water and enhale the goodness.
-My man Cobra can't even talk right now! Motherfucker's incoherent!

-Hey man, that's buckets for ya!

-Fuckin' Eh! Let's go hit some more!
by Burdmann June 30, 2004
Things that are used during reproduction. People fill it full of theyre genetic material and have the bucket monster come to make babies. So basicly people fuck over a bucket.
We filled buckets last night!
by matesprit November 21, 2011
A person who follows crowds or cliques of people that he/she should have nothing to do with.
Man, that kid Treshawn is such a bucket! He followed us to the movies after school yesterday.
by puffonyamommacrib711 June 27, 2009
1) An expression to describe how amazing something is.
That girl is buckets at DT. I busted one off in her mouth after like 5 seconds.
by A Mountain Skoal July 16, 2006
A bucket is one who does any narcotic that is considered more lethal than marijuana-cannibus, on a regular basis, and sees it as part of the protocal I.e:
crack cocaine
Crystal meth

In the hood thesaurus the word bucket can be followed by : fiend, custy, crackhead, dopester, etc.

Slang: buck, young buck, buckey, buckaneer, buckateer, buckster, bucky mcbuckstwice
1. Clover the young buck: yo charlie go screw off, before i get frustrated

Richard: yo charlie how are you gonna let this guy bring such wreckless talks to u like so?!?!

Charlie Renegade Husslin: soft, dudes a bucket, the goon force will catch him on the rebound some other time...

2.timothy: yo greezy the bucket that lives in the 9th floor stairwell needs to score some rock

greezy: tell him to go to conrad, he has that nex ishh

timothy: safeeee
by charlie husllemore May 13, 2009
the rims on a vehicle
i ride real slow, so they can see the buckets on mah feet.
by crunchy black June 19, 2006
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