A device for smoking cannabis
buckets are a good hit!
by Steve September 22, 2002
An exclamation to be inserted into random points of conversations, especially awkward silences.
Person 1- Yo momma's so fat, she has to wear large clothing!
Person 2- Um, my mom died last year.
1- ...
2- ...
2- ...
1- ...
2- That really didn't help.
A term used to express great joy and/or happiness. Most often used right after an action/event that is uncommon and good.
After shooting a bottle into the small recycling bin Jason's only responce was, "Buckets!"

Teacher: "Friday's test is canceled"
Student: "Buckets!"
by Jas1 January 23, 2010
Typically a high school kid who is greasy and smells bad. Other characteristics that constitute being a bucket are being under-educated (or act in a manner that suggests so), being a dirty looking whore and altogether unkempt looks. Another way of saying it is 'buck'.
Person 1: "ew look at that greasy bitch."
Person 2: "What a bucket."

Person 1: "Man, there's so many gross kids in here."
Person 2: "What a bunch of bucks."
by Mohammed Abdul Jabar November 05, 2010
a fat nasty over weight woman who gut just hangs down.a real fat lowlife."bucket" short for calling her a bucket of guts!
2 a woman who looks like a real pig!
hey aaron,thrish looks like a real bucket today in that dress.
by seymour tuchas March 13, 2008
A Female Who Is Very Loose , Easy & Promiscuous. She Will Try To Fuck Almost Anything That Comes Her Way.
Joe: Yo John You Peeped That Girl Who Was Flirting With Everyone At The Party Last Friday .
John: Yea Brah 4 Niggas Ran A Train On Her In Basement That Night , She A Straight Bucket ! lmao
Joe: Lmfao Ohhh Shit X_x !
by BasedPrince November 30, 2011
A word that can be used as a substitute for "prostitute" in front of small children. Originally coined on the TV show Reno 911!.
Oh, look. There's a bucket goin' down on a Puerto Rican right there.
by Hurricane-D October 19, 2010

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