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When you fart in your hand and throw it like a grenade at somebody.
Damn, son you just got Bruno Mars'd.

He got hit with it from 2 cubicles away, He got straight Bruno Mars'd
by sm3443 March 11, 2011
667 354
A really good singer
he was featured in B.o.B's song "nothin on you"
he is an awesome background singer and writes his own songs unlike others
Have you heard that song Nothin on you?
Ya it features Bruno Mars, hes great
by enjoiSKATING June 18, 2010
879 602
Bruno Mars is the definition of sex.
by Julie345 October 16, 2010
807 542
A sexy singer from Honolulu, Hawaii. Also is super friggin' talented. He has some of the best songs ever and he seems really romantic
I have dreams about Bruno Mars!
by SnookiBear1988 July 30, 2011
431 237
Very talented singer who lends his vocals to otherwise shit-ass RnB/hip-hop songs such as "Nothin' on You" and "Billionaire".
I wish I could sing like Bruno Mars... i got nothin' on him.
by aflex22 July 17, 2010
591 489
The talented artist that sang with B.o.B. in, "Nothin' On You," and was also featured in "Billionaire," with Travie McCoy.
Bruno Mars is my future husband.

Bruno Mars has the most amazing voice!
by XxHeidixX August 19, 2010
425 380
A 4ml dose of GHB in a shot glass with citrus juice. Orange or Tropical are preferred.
hey buddy, can I get a Bruno Mars..I wanna get wavey.
by The Lassoe January 18, 2013
38 50