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A slacker that apparently doesn't have anything better to do than sit around with their hand in their pants.
They may also think they're really effing awesome, despite the fact that they clearly can't get a job. In extreme cases, they somehow believe that they'll manage to finish college.

Not a stoner, but enjoys snuggies and being nude.
"Today, I don't feel like doing anything."
"Good for you, Bruno Mars."
by vicimgd September 12, 2011
Another word for demigirl. Someone who only partially identifies as woman.

This could mean:
• their gender falls somewhere between female and agender
• they're (possibly trans)feminine but don't feel strongly enough about it to identify as a woman
• they're genderfluid
• they think the term fits them for some other reason

Used by those who dislike being called a girl. Like other nonbinary identities, a demi-femme might use any pronouns, not just she/her.
"So Sam's demi-femme?"
"Yeah, today ze's a woman but tomorrow ze might be something else."

Sure, I'm feminine, I suppose. I'm nonbinary, though, so I think demi-femme makes more sense than calling myself a woman.
by vicimgd July 01, 2014
The National Organization for Marriage, a right-wing group that believes only heterosexual couples should have the right to get married and that all homosexuals should either enter therapy or become chaste.
"NOM's having another political rally next week."
by vicimgd October 16, 2011
a less rude way to say "shit!" (darn, shiste, etc. are the same)
often "shiznits"
"Aw, shiznit!"
by vicimgd May 21, 2009

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