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To beat up a female who is much much smaller than you to the point where her face is extremely bruised. Taken from Chris Brown's beating of his hot girlfriend.
Aaron: Dude, my girlfriend said nickelback sucked. I brown-pounded her.

Jake: (hits aaron hard) dude, you dont hit a woman! and nickelback DOES suck!
(hits him again)
by DontLookBackInAnger March 14, 2009
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Weight of feces lost when one poops. Typically used when one is to/just has shitted a great deal, so much so that their post shit weight is significantly different that their pre shit weight
Richard: I'm about to shed some brown pounds
Mike: Don't forget to flush after!
by gCats December 29, 2014
The act of eating a large steak and deficating it in log form and then useing the resluting log to penetrate any orafaice.
Take him 'round back and give the brown pound.
by Lorquas April 20, 2005
To punch a person directly in the anus.
The best way to shut somebody up is with a properly executed brownpound.
by MagicM July 08, 2006
The amount of money paid in total (over a month) to you whilst you're doing a poo at your job.

Any money earnt using the Brown Pound method is spend on binge food, drink or general crap.
"I get paid £5.00 an hour. I worked 24 hours over the past month, which means I earnt £120.00.

I spent 2 hours in total doing a poo over that month. That means my company paid me £10.00 to do a dump. Yay! Lets buy cookie dough!"

And thus, the Brown Pound is born.
by Peachixx February 26, 2007

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