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When you ovulate so hard that you feel like shit the next morning.
Tina-bonifa (cuddling her coffee): Uggghhh...
Tony-balony (concerned, handsome): What's wrong baby?
Tina-bonifa: I have hangovariiieesss...
Tony-balony: What do you expect? You ovulated so hard last night I had to carry you home.
Tina-bonifa (with puppy-dog eyes): You diiiiiid? I don't rememberrrrr...
Tony-balony: Yeah, babe.
Tina-bofina: These hangovaries are the worst. I'm never ovulating again.
by DarknessSchmarkness November 11, 2015
Euphemism for anal sex
I tried going in the back door but she said wasn't ready for a downtown brown pound
by DarknessSchmarkness January 12, 2014
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