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Britard: A Britney Spears fanatic who is blind, biased, and refuses to accept any negative opinion/or speak any negative opinion about Britney. also see enabler
A Blind Britney Fan IE a Stan..
Britard speaking:
"If You Seek Amy was Britney's BEST Video"
"Circus is the Best Album"
"Her dancing is perfect"
Combination of "British" and "Bastard" or "Retard", usually used to express negative feelings towards a british person.
"That Britard just offended me! Look how drunk he is!"
-"I know, they're so rude!"
by Nothingofyourinterest March 02, 2013
To have characteristics related to retardation, including but not limited to drooling, screaming, confusion, and general lack of common sense.
That Britard got drunk broke my coffee table and now is drooling on herself lying on the floor.
by Slimjay4087 December 22, 2014
If someone named with BRI in their name {usually at the beginning} does something increduliously retarded.
(Subject) Bri is microwaving popcorn. She then calls out " I burn't it!!! Her brother goes to see and says " Of course u did u bri-tard u put it upside down!!!!!!!! ( I know what a complete bri-tard!) {BTW This was a really happened¡}
by ODST Of Destruction January 11, 2009
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