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When someone acts stupid and basically sounds just like Brianne after drinking Lemonade with wayyy too much sugar in it.
1) Wow, you're britarded.
2) That was one of the most britarded things you have ever done.
3) She's the slut...boooonnngggg.
4) Damn I really want a bagel.
by Kershaw July 05, 2004
Created during the SuperBowl at Spooks house. Based on the 2 second long mp3 saying what sounds like "you fogen rye".
Used to describe a dumbass or someone who just did somthing stupid.
1) Spooks is a foge.
2) You fogen rye.
3) The Rye is the slut...booonnnggg
4) Magoo owns the world.
by Kershaw July 06, 2004

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