Someone who is so buff.
Dang that guy is a Brian!
by MasterAhHuwa February 10, 2014
Brian - an alternative to saying "blunt" or "joint." In reference to Brian Dubie, Republican nominee for governor of Vermont. He himself wants to remove jail penalties for possession of marijuana in Vermont.
Is that guy rollin' a brian in public? Only in Vermont.
by Yelpest25 August 30, 2010
Frick Frisk's best friend.
B-rian's in the kitch with frick frisk.
by Snichole August 26, 2008
The fakest person you know. He has fake tendencies and displays fake actions. He will always be your fakest friend.
He is definitely a Brian.

"Hey, did you see Nicki Minaj's ass?" "Yeah it's so Brian!"
by Blackpanther1995 August 15, 2013
Of Celtic origin. Often Irish with blonde hair and blue eyes. Charming, but deceitful. Creates wonderful allusions without being fully dedicated to the subject. Overall a good time, but leaves you dissapointed in the end.
Mary: Oh, my Brian is the best thing that has ever happened to me!
Tara (Brian's Ex-Girlfriend): Give it a week, you'l be cryin' your eyes out..
by CPBM February 14, 2012
An asian who believes to be a ninja and owns 6 swords. He likes to go clubbing with a bunch of asian fobs who think they're cool.
That lil asian nigga Brian is a ninja, bro.

Brian's so asian
by find waldo October 12, 2011
a little ginger tosser with a bald patch who smells and is always shouting at girls cause hes to scared to say anything to a guy
Pe...: Brian your ginger..
Brian:i know.!
by sus.. December 06, 2011

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