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Dork, Lowkey Dork, Highkey Dork, Weird...but cute.
Yupp, i play video games 24/7 and read comic books all day. Im a brian.
by Dork-a-Saurus June 14, 2010
Awsome,Amazing,Leet person who is proably the best 4 squre player in the world, can eat a whole pie of pizza in less then 10 mins. bassicly this man is GOD. except his spelling skeels
Man i wish i was Brian..oh wait i am!
by B MART March 25, 2008
funny little asian kid with size b bOObs from excesive pot smoking munchies
"wow freshman year in college really got to him, he is such a brian"
by mexican friend February 12, 2010
eww... look at that Brian
by lilgetto May 03, 2009
- seems like the best guy in the world until he gets you pregnant twice, falls off the face of the earth. Does not pay a penny for child support and never sees his kids!
your baby daddy is brian? I bet you dont get any money!
by hot mama87 February 11, 2010
A Racist FUCK! Words cannot describe how unbelievably Racist this Jackass is. Throwing around the N word like it's a fucking comma! Yelling out words like Chink and Beaner at the top of his Racist lungs.
Guy 1: Hey what does an Apple and a Black Guy have in common?

Guy 2: Dude, your such a Brian.
by Brianisaracistfuck. May 02, 2010
A red headed step child who besmirched his grandmothers wedding bed whilst micturating in his nickers. This man also enjoys DOCKING on a daily basis.
dont be a Brian
by Balls@yahoo.com May 17, 2010