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funny little asian kid with size b bOObs from excesive pot smoking munchies
"wow freshman year in college really got to him, he is such a brian"
by mexican friend February 12, 2010
26 72
eww... look at that Brian
by lilgetto May 03, 2009
81 133
A Racist FUCK! Words cannot describe how unbelievably Racist this Jackass is. Throwing around the N word like it's a fucking comma! Yelling out words like Chink and Beaner at the top of his Racist lungs.
Guy 1: Hey what does an Apple and a Black Guy have in common?

Guy 2: Dude, your such a Brian.
by Brianisaracistfuck. May 02, 2010
17 71
- seems like the best guy in the world until he gets you pregnant twice, falls off the face of the earth. Does not pay a penny for child support and never sees his kids!
your baby daddy is brian? I bet you dont get any money!
by hot mama87 February 11, 2010
23 77
1) A boy who is crazy about a girl but refuses to make any relationship public. He loves her one day, just wants to play xbox the next day, and the day after that she and her whole family are dead to him. He is inconsistant and irrational. Half the time he doesn't even make any sense. He also doesn't even know how to treat a girl right.

2) A boy who has the ability to be nice but just doesn't feel like it.
1) Girl - Why did you break up with your bf?
Other Girl - He was being a Brian.

2) I'm just so disappointed because my bf's a Brian. He just doesn't care enough to be good to me.
by orangejuiceistheshizz April 26, 2009
76 133
A red headed step child who besmirched his grandmothers wedding bed whilst micturating in his nickers. This man also enjoys DOCKING on a daily basis.
dont be a Brian
by May 17, 2010
9 67
A giant faggot...
Cole: "Wow, your definitely being a Brian right now"

Jacob: "Shit man, no!"
by CT1994 March 02, 2010
28 93