Of Celtic origin. Often Irish with blonde hair and blue eyes. Charming, but deceitful. Creates wonderful allusions without being fully dedicated to the subject. Overall a good time, but leaves you dissapointed in the end.
Mary: Oh, my Brian is the best thing that has ever happened to me!
Tara (Brian's Ex-Girlfriend): Give it a week, you'l be cryin' your eyes out..
by CPBM February 14, 2012
An asian who believes to be a ninja and owns 6 swords. He likes to go clubbing with a bunch of asian fobs who think they're cool.
That lil asian nigga Brian is a ninja, bro.

Brian's so asian
by find waldo October 12, 2011
a little ginger tosser with a bald patch who smells and is always shouting at girls cause hes to scared to say anything to a guy
Pe...: Brian your ginger..
Brian:i know.!
by sus.. December 06, 2011
1. The dog from family guy.
2. That guy that is always at the gym everynight at 6:00. His muscles are well defined and rather huge. He is very laid back and has a huge penis. He has no problems showing his body off, especially in a shower room full of other guys.
Sitting at the wieght room....

Look at that Brian over there, he has a huge penis.
by shower starter March 28, 2010
Dork, Lowkey Dork, Highkey Dork, Weird...but cute.
Yupp, i play video games 24/7 and read comic books all day. Im a brian.
by Dork-a-Saurus June 14, 2010
Awsome,Amazing,Leet person who is proably the best 4 squre player in the world, can eat a whole pie of pizza in less then 10 mins. bassicly this man is GOD. except his spelling skeels
Man i wish i was Brian..oh wait i am!
by B MART March 25, 2008
funny little asian kid with size b bOObs from excesive pot smoking munchies
"wow freshman year in college really got to him, he is such a brian"
by mexican friend February 12, 2010

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