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A red headed step child who besmirched his grandmothers wedding bed whilst micturating in his nickers. This man also enjoys DOCKING on a daily basis.
dont be a Brian
by Balls@yahoo.com May 17, 2010
1) A boy who is crazy about a girl but refuses to make any relationship public. He loves her one day, just wants to play xbox the next day, and the day after that she and her whole family are dead to him. He is inconsistant and irrational. Half the time he doesn't even make any sense. He also doesn't even know how to treat a girl right.

2) A boy who has the ability to be nice but just doesn't feel like it.
1) Girl - Why did you break up with your bf?
Other Girl - He was being a Brian.

2) I'm just so disappointed because my bf's a Brian. He just doesn't care enough to be good to me.
by orangejuiceistheshizz April 26, 2009
A giant faggot...
Cole: "Wow, your definitely being a Brian right now"

Jacob: "Shit man, no!"
by CT1994 March 02, 2010
The code word for alcohol, used mostly by Rotary Exchange Students when under the 4 main rules - no Drinking, Driving Drugs or Dating... obviously, we all strive to break them all!!

Origin: Euro Trip, France 2008. Comes from the french phrase to learn english:

Frenchy 1 - "Where is Brian?"
Frenchy 2 - "Brian is in the Kitchen. Where is Jenny, the sister of THE Brian?"
Frenchy 1 - "Jenny is in the BaTHroom" *extra emphasis on the th*
"Hey, did you bring brian today?"
"Yeah, I've got 2 bottles in my bag"
"Sweet, i'm in for some real brianising tonight!!"
by char.aussie.frenchy January 12, 2009
Is a short kid who likes the fat chicks. Also has a small cock. Is not very intelligent.
Girl: who's that ugly fuck?

Guy: oh thats just a total Brian
by B. whyte October 15, 2010
A male who constantly seeks to be in the presence of someone he is attracted to. A Brian will do almost anything to be near his atractee including; hovering annoyingly over her while she talks to someone else, frantically offer her a chair next to him when she makes known her desire to sit down and climbing over her wall to look in her window
I have am being stalked by a Brian

This Brian won’t stop sniffing my neck

There’s a Brian on my stoep
by RyanJS July 20, 2009
brian: an innocent butcher..lol
damian: did u hear about the fortlands hospital massacre??

matthew: yeah it was brian so technically,it was a case of an innocent butcher..
by damianmatthew January 15, 2010