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Brian is a beast and a tease. Very athletic by nature, he is commonly the #1 star on any given team. If he plays ice hockey, he will automatically be the #1 defense man.
"If you don't have a brian on your team, then you don't have defense!"

"Wow, you couldn't score?...you just got Brian'd"
by PJ81 January 24, 2013
5 2
One who is missed.
You cant not have a Brian in your life. He's just too great.
by gumtastic October 06, 2012
7 4
Brian is the name of a boy who knows everything. EVERYTHING. I couldn't trust anyone else with my life, my secrets. He's also sexy (though I'll never admit it) and you have to prove yourself before you can gain your trust.
Girl: Brian's weird. Why are you friends with him?
Me: Why are you so judgmental?
by Victoria Giraffe April 14, 2013
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Brian is likely the best guy you'll ever meet. As in "I thought I knew what a great guy was, and then I met Brian." Smart, witty and funny, a Brian is the kind of person you need to make your life a better place. Kinder than any person you'll ever meet, a Brian will sacrifice his own needs to help others.

A Brian is also incredibly handsome. Think about the most handsome person you know...now multiply that by 10. That's a Brian.

A Brian is the kind of guy you feel like you've known forever even if you've just met him. A Brian is warm and inviting and will quickly earn your trust. He's honest and loyal and will give you the shirt off of his back or a pair of socks when you forget yours.

A Brian always has a ton of friends but only the luckiest girls get to be in an intimate, personal relationship with a Brian and they immediately know that something is different than any other guy they've ever dated.

As sweet and kind and charming as Brian is, he is also an animal in the bedroom. The best lover you've ever had, a Brian will leave your legs shaking and the rest of your body quivering. Brian has moves that you didn't even know existed. Inventor of the multiple orgasm. Brian is the kind of guy that after you are with him you want to call up previous lovers and tell them that they had no idea what they were doing in bed.

A Brian is every girls dream. Other men want to be him. A Brian is simply amazing in every way. Period. There's nothing better than a Brian.
I thought I knew what a good man was, then I met a Brian.

Brian was so good in bed last night I started speaking in tongues.

Geeze, Brad is nice and all, but he's no Brian.

She's so lucky...she's got a Brian. She better not screw that up!
by BadGolfer May 14, 2014
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That one guy who sits around playing World of Warcraft and Minecraft all the time, to the point where it's taken over his life. You think he's you're best friend until about 6 months later you begin to realize how big of an asshole he really is. Brians will make insulting jokes, they'll put you down, try to get with your best friend after dating you, and they'll call you names for no reason because they are mentally still an immature 8 year old girl. Not all Brian's are terrible, but it tends to be the Mexican Brian's you meet that will stab you in the back.
Really? It's been 12 hours now, stop being like Brian and get off the damn computer!
by cheetaraMS July 04, 2014
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Someone who is so buff.
Dang that guy is a Brian!
by MasterAhHuwa February 10, 2014
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One of great intelligence. Many are jelly of his incredible writing skills and creativity. Brian's always know exactly what to do or say no matter what the situation. They are irresistibly charming and witty. Brians are impossible to hate, because they are just so perfect in every way.
Brian is so flawless!
by Bootyliciouss November 17, 2012
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