a sweet, loveable guy who is always there for you.
an ex-COD addict.
has beautiful eyes, and a great heart.
has a large butt, especially for a boy.
also, is very loved :)
Courtney: Gah. I love Brian. He's the sweetest guy ever.
All other girls: YEAH!!
by hmmyourbestfriend(: January 05, 2011
Brian is the name of a boy who knows everything. EVERYTHING. I couldn't trust anyone else with my life, my secrets. He's also sexy (though I'll never admit it) and you have to prove yourself before you can gain your trust.
Girl: Brian's weird. Why are you friends with him?
Me: Why are you so judgmental?
by Victoria Giraffe April 14, 2013
One of great intelligence. Many are jelly of his incredible writing skills and creativity. Brian's always know exactly what to do or say no matter what the situation. They are irresistibly charming and witty. Brians are impossible to hate, because they are just so perfect in every way.
Brian is so flawless!
by Bootyliciouss November 17, 2012
Brian is a beast and a tease. Very athletic by nature, he is commonly the #1 star on any given team. If he plays ice hockey, he will automatically be the #1 defense man.
"If you don't have a brian on your team, then you don't have defense!"

"Wow, you couldn't score?...you just got Brian'd"
by PJ81 January 24, 2013
One who is missed.
You cant not have a Brian in your life. He's just too great.
by gumtastic October 06, 2012
The nicest boss anyone could ask for. Loves Miller Highlife, and cigarettes. All the girls in the bakery want to suck his dick but he won't let any of them because Brett does it best. When nobody came find him Brian is usually taking a shit.
by Brian C Morse March 15, 2015
The standard IT guys name.
Any of the Brians in the IT department should be able to fix that for you.
by DaWordSmith February 21, 2015

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