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Usually referred to a big black bear. Has the ability to kill you but is too damn lazy and just goes "wwwooowwwww......."
Son of a Brian!

Damnit! stop being such a Brian!
by Damnit Brian! November 06, 2008
A tall, handsome, amazing guy. He likes to hang out and laugh and joke around.
Man that guy over there is such a Brian!
by Pine Apple Man 1999 January 21, 2012
A crazy guy with the strangest ideas. A Brian always tries to be funny, although some of his jokes make you want to slap him. He's cares a lot about his reputation which is not who he really is. A Brian make seem mean but he's just being sarcastic and is senstive on the inside. He has a lot of friends that are girls although he does have some guy friends. A Brian is just a werid dude yet a Brian is a great guy.
"Man, that kid is really funny."
"Yeah, he's totally a Brian."
by shastablaster December 02, 2012
A Brian (a.k.a. Bryan) is a man who is strong, rugged-looking, faithful, a hard worker and the kind of guy who will beat the shit out of any other man who gives you trouble. You are safe with a Brian and he will treat you like a princess to the end of your days. He doesn't necessarily have a long penis, but what he has is so thick and rock hard, you'll be sore as hell after a night of hot love with him. You won't care though, because he's such a great, sexy guy and so damn good in bed, you'll be aching for more.
"I hope my boyfriend asks me to marry him. He's the only Brian I've ever dated and I don't want to lose him."

"I swear, that guy in my chem lab is so sexy, I could come just looking at those broad shoulders and that bulge in his jeans. He's a real sweetheart, too. Must be a Brian!"
by SunnydaleHigh99 August 10, 2012
a sweet, loveable guy who is always there for you.
an ex-COD addict.
has beautiful eyes, and a great heart.
has a large butt, especially for a boy.
also, is very loved :)
Courtney: Gah. I love Brian. He's the sweetest guy ever.
All other girls: YEAH!!
by hmmyourbestfriend(: January 05, 2011
Brian, a Irish name, means just that you have a HUGE penis. Girls love it. Your also cute, funny, and very outgoing.
"Wow, last night I saw Brian's penis and it was HUGE!"

"Wow, i am so jealous that Brian isn't my boyfriend."

Look at that crazy Brian, very outgoing."
by CelticsFanatic342432 April 18, 2010
Battle of the imports 1st place champion
That Son of a bitch Brian knows how to really fucking drive

He's trying to drive like Brian lol he can't though
by chillin the most October 31, 2012