Can be a dick, but a loving down to earth-mamas boy. He usally gets everything he wants. And good in bed.
Did you see that brian?

Yeah... The WHOLE package. ha
by gbldfjbn March 18, 2009
1.The most wonderful boy in the world. He is charming and caring, with a sexy mind to match. His beautiful smile is enough to melt the ice on any snowy day. Understood by few, he is an amazingly lovable complexity.

2.He has a heart of gold and deserves everything it so wishes. Giving and caring, he can also be very shy. But his intelligence and wisdom always shine through to those who pay attention. Although he may get down, in a selfless way knows just what to say to make your night.

3.Sexy, smart and strong, time with him is as if in a dream. A good ear and moves to match it, when your with him the rhythm is sure to only get good.
I'm so happy when I'm with Brian, it's as if time is wine
by pokinhotness February 06, 2010
an amazing guy that you would love to know. he is good friends with everyone and helps and trys to make everyone get along. He loves god and gods ways and lives for him. He has a girl and only one girl he focuses on in his life and will always love her for her. Dont try to get him to like you guys cause hes hooked on his girl. brian is a cool undertanding guy that everyone says hi or hello to in the morning. hes teh one that girls gt up for in teh morning. brain is a guy who loves to cook and knows he spanish. brain is the guy that always knows when something is wrong and will always listen and understand what your going through it all. brain is the guy to fall in love with. he is a guy that wont take advantage of you. he will love and care for you.
brian is the man to love.
by April 07, 2009
A freakin sexy beast who has atleast 3 girl friends at a time. Total stud at sports and with the ladies
I was such a Brian last night that girl was all over me

I was a Brian last night i posted 50 points and then got some after the game.
by ballerstatusnike February 25, 2009
handsome, intelligent and musically inclined with a smile that I cant describe.
Brian. sure to take you for a spin
by orangesherberry February 06, 2010
Brian is a handsome, toned, hot, sweet, guy. A Brian is the only type of guy you'd want to meet. He may freak out a few times in your relationship, but the way he loves you- you'll never ever let him go. If you let him go; you've made the worst mistake of your life right there. Always stay close with a Brian because he's the most trust worthy guy in the world and knows his way to a womans heart. He sure knows his way to mine.
A Brian is like a frog, once you catch it, you never want to let it go
by asiaBTDT July 17, 2010
A gorgeous guy :) who is amazing in every way :)
Did you see that guy?? Brian!
by LeuchtenderStern August 29, 2011

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