A mysterious man who will immediately scan a room or any environment within seconds for all clues, hints, information and signs of life. Even death. A human calculator to the 9s, but he sure can "spell" the numbers upside down, inside out to make the girls blush & writhe in excitement! An intelligent man enjoyed by many, but appreciated to the full by few. He's ok with that, trying to impress no one. His whit is unmatched. He'll share anything & everything, but you better be worth it or...he'll walk away unscathed. Sure will hurt you though! :)
Brian was staring at me!!

I KNOW! He was studying you!

I hope he liked what he saw!

You'll probably never know.

So true....
by 3210<42 February 07, 2012
An amazing guy, who is very intelligent and a very caring person. He is very modest and puts others before him. He is very nice to others but you're very lucky to be his best friend :D. He is one in a million, and very lovable. He gives the greatest hugs, and is super cuddly. He makes you automatically happy when he talks to you, and tries whatever he can to make you feel like you're on top of the world. :D He is one of the greatest people you'll ever encounter, and is the definition of the a great friend. No one can be as special as him!:D
Person: I need to meet someone who is life changing and amazing.
Person 2: Then you'll need to find yourself a Brian
by Pseudowoodoo July 12, 2011
a guy who usually has brown hair, irish, and a big heart. he cares so much for the few girls he truley falls for and will listen when he doesnt want to, talk when he doesnt feel like it; he will make a great boyfriend so when you find one that fits this description, make sure you hold on to him as tight as you can. and of course, he has a big dick
i dont know, its a toss up between brian and that other one. i think ill go with brian
by the_one_that_got_aaway December 05, 2010
From the celtic meaning having a very large penis and alot of sexual stamina
He fucked me with 12inches last night for an hour and a half! He's a total Brian!
by trevor82 February 17, 2010
They best guys ever! There funny, so sweet, flirty, strong, quite good looking, (with amazing hair), well dressed, with a sense of humor and just amazing to be arround! The best boyfriend you could possibly have:)! They're almost guaranteed to be your first real love! there amazingly protective, and never let anyone say anything bad about you! no matter how many girls are chasing them, they will keep their eye one the one they love.

(Best Associated with a Paige) see definition
"I wish I was like Brian, he gets all the bait"
"All the girls love brian!"
"Brian always makes me laugh"
"I'd go out with brian in a heartbeat!"
by teen_perspective October 21, 2011
An incredibly missed person. Radiates serenity and warmth when around, who's lips release a beautiful smile. Is missed.
That brian is an awesome guy
by sweetcity567 January 10, 2012
Usually referred to a big black bear. Has the ability to kill you but is too damn lazy and just goes "wwwooowwwww......."
Son of a Brian!

Damnit! stop being such a Brian!
by Damnit Brian! November 06, 2008
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