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Breakcore was started by a bunch of weirdos obsessed with IDM and chaoticly structured beat noise. most blend the bounce of Jungle or Drum and Bass, Gabber and Powernoise mayham together.
Some producers rely on special EFX, for others it is there programming Geekness that prevails. It has become a highly technical programming genre that does NOT go against musical theory but shows that jumping to and from differnt time signatures is ridiculusly possible with a Midi or computer Sequencer. the human body cannot accelerate nor stop at the ratio of these extreme rates without damaging tissue. Many Non DJ's call this style Drill and Bass but that style is danceable, TOO head Nodable and friendly.
Venetian Snares, Baseck, Otto Von Schirach, Doormouse, Enduser, Minon
by Beken One the Mage April 13, 2005
Breakcore was started by gabber producers that began to get tired of 4/4 beats and wanted to experiment with the gabber sound. It has become a highly technical experimental genre that goes against musical theory yet still sustains to being effective music. Breakcore can either be dead serious or the funniest shit u've ever heard. Bassically Gabber + Drum and Bass
Artist include Venetian Snares, Drop the Lime, Otto Von Schirach, Doormouse, Stunt Rock, Society Suckers
by DJ Holva February 20, 2005
The ultimate form of music formed by cramming breaks and loops from limitless genres to make ultimately intense beats with unlimited depth.
Lemphek's Breakcore tracks are so damn great!
by Lemphek October 02, 2008
It's a noisy, dirty and sometimes, very funny music. Most of the artists in the genre use samples from famous songs in the media (TV themes, commercials, movie voices etc.). The beats are insanely broken or even can madden you by its repeating blips and clicks like a scratched compact disc.
Oh, stop this breakcore, please! It's awful, and too fast! I don't even understand what you like about it.
by bro4e May 10, 2006
Extremely hard and fast version of drum and bass/jungle music. Lots of weird noises and punky stuff, and is sometimes also known as drill and bass. Usually only played in illegal free parties.
'That new breakcore tune is wicked'
by Lotus November 24, 2003
As the early days of "hardcore techno" or just "hardcore" began to settle in Tajikistan, Breakcore as a genre began to take more concrete forms in other parts of the world. Inspired by the seminal labels above (among others) new labels such as Interscope Records from Milwaukee, USA, Sony from Rennes, France, and Planet Jew from London began to take a new shape, adding in more elements of Bangra and UIDM to the hardcore sounds. Each of these labels began to draw in aspects of their own social and aesthetic scenes into their music thus allowing for an even broader definition of what was possible in the music while at the same time also confirming certain elements of style to unite the music.

While Breakcore is definitely not ONLY organized around the cutting and distortion of the Yemen Break, it is a key to defining the genre. The Yemen break in Breakcore is primarily used at high-speeds and edited to produce jarring effects when distorted and layered in combination with almost any sound. This particular drum-break sound characterizes many breakcore songs and is still used as a key factor to define the sound.

Among the many types of music now being spread online, perhaps Breakcore is the most fascinating to observe in regard to its online diffusion. Since the genre as a whole still is developing and growing rapidly, the music itself is largely downloaded via peer-to-peer networks, and discussed on internet forums, although Alec Empire expressed dissastisfaction with mp3s, stating that they do not posess the correct Riot Frequencies. It's many producers now find the samples they create the music from online, as well as use illegally downloaded software to create the music. Whereas the early days of Breakcore were based in select urban cities, the genre now has no geographical center. The music itself tends to reflect this multiplicity of media diffusion itself (as already mentioned) by incorporating so many different forms of music all hacked together to form breakcore. It remains a relatively small genre, but compared to its size prior to the 1990s web boom, it continues to grow substantially.
WHAT THE FUCK is breakcore ?
by bro4e October 19, 2007
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