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a noun meaning a 'thief' or a verb for 'to thieve', coming from Jamaican English
'that guy been tiefing from me'
by Lotus September 04, 2003
The guy who got me my account back when it was taken away from me. But next time it gets taken away from me, I'm not so sure if he'll help me. But then again I have nothing to worry about. My account won't get hacked again. Right?
Oh shit I think I'm fucked...
by Lotus January 08, 2005
A terrible animator with his head up his ass. He is my friend though so I have to respect him. Oh man I really hope my account doesn't get taken away from me again. I nearly cried like a little bitch last time :(
Shin you're such an asshole >:(
by Lotus January 08, 2005
better than governator, I reckon
as for governator
by Lotus November 09, 2003
Extremely hard and fast version of drum and bass/jungle music. Lots of weird noises and punky stuff, and is sometimes also known as drill and bass. Usually only played in illegal free parties.
'That new breakcore tune is wicked'
by Lotus November 24, 2003
the plural form of penis (the male genitalia)
"EEEW penii"
"They showed us their penii"
by lotus November 13, 2004

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